Wireless Printer Offline Windows 10

Imagine, you have to take the printouts of some essential documents and suddenly your printer displays a message your Wireless Printer is Offline.  All you are left with a question that you to bring a printer back online.  There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of Wireless Printer Offline error. Here, we are sharing an effective solution through which you can fix this offline error and bring printer back online.

The reasons behind Wireless Printer Offline error could be:

  • Printer overloading.

  • Improper driver installation.

  • Power supply issues.

  • Improper communication between the printer and computer.


My printer says Offline, How do I get it back online?

Sometimes, you can fix this problem just through few clicks but sometimes you need to fix the issue by following the troubleshooting steps.

How to fix Printer offline error?

To fix wireless printer offline, you need to make sure that:

  • Your printer is turned on.

  • Your system and printer are connected to the same network.

Restart your device

Turn off your computer and printer. Then, turn them on again after 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes, you can fix the internal error by turning off and on your printer.

PC connection

Check whether your printer is properly plugged-in with your PC or not. There must be no broken cables or loose wires as they are the most common reasons behind wireless printer offline error occurrence.

Log in to your PC

You can log into your PC using an Administrator account and the account liable for the management of printer settings.

Printer Spooler Window

From the start menu, select the Device and Printer option and after that Spooler Window will appear on your screen.

  • Choose your printer.
  • Untick the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option.

  • This will fix printer says offline issues and bring it online.

Download and install the latest printer offline

Sometimes the outdated or corrupted printer drivers cause the Wireless printer offline error. You need to download the latest printer drivers for the printer to fix the problem. To download the drivers, you can visit the printer’s manufacturer website and download from there.

Also, you can click the troubleshooting option from the control panel. The troubleshooter will find out the issues and mitigate them.

Consider the aforementioned points to fix printer says offline error. If nothing helps you, avail the professional help to find and tackle the problem and bring printer back to its normal functioning.

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