Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Windows 10

Many customers are unable to print the documents using their network printer and the error message appears on their screen is ‘Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer and ‘Access is Denied. There could be several possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error and most of the issues are related to the configuration and setup. Tp troubleshoot this problem, it is important to check whether the network printer is properly set up using the LAN port or printer is connected to some other device and accordingly, a user needs to troubleshoot the Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer problem. In this guide, we are going to share some simple steps that can help the users in troubleshooting the printer error.

How to Fix the Windows Cannot Connect to Printer Error?

Following are the troubleshooting guidelines to fix the ‘Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer’ error: 

Shared Network Printer

If you are using the Shared network printer and trying to add the printer to another computer over the network, then you can try the following things to do this: 

  • First of all, go to the ‘Add Printer Wizard’, and select ‘A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer’ option. 
  • Click on the ‘Next’ option and select ‘Connect to this printer’. After that, type in the path to a shared printer by typing ‘\\’ followed by the name of your device on which the printer is shared followed by the name of your printer. 
  • You will be connected to the printer and if you get an error code, you can try adding the printer as a local printer. For this, select the ‘Local Printer Attached to this Computer’ and uncheck ‘Automatic Detect and Install My Plug and Play printer’ option. 
  • On the next screen, select ‘Create a new port’ option and select ‘Local port’ from the provided list. 
  • Tap on the next and you will be asked to type in the Port Name. Enter the path to the printer. 

 This will work to fix the ‘Windows Cannot Connect to the printer’ issue. The steps will only work for the printer connected to another computer and shared over the network. 

Networked Printer

 If you have attached your printer directly to the Wireless Network or LAN network and getting error printer access denied windows 10 while trying to the printer the documents, then select the local computer attached to the printer. After that, create a new port. 

However, instead of selecting the Local Port, you can select ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’. 

 Enter the Printer’s IP address and you are all set to go. If you have no idea about the IP address of the printer, print the printer configuration sheet. 

Windows Firewall

 Another possible reason that Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer is a firewall. Your firewall may not let your device to establish a successful connection. Thus, check and make sure that ‘Fire and Printer Sharing’ is allowed by the firewall on your computer and printer. 

  • To enable the File and Printer Sharing, go to the Control Panel and then Windows Firewall. Now, click on the ‘Expectations’ option. 
  •  Check and make sure that the ‘File and Printer Sharing’ checkbox is checked. This will make sure that the firewall is not blocking the connection. 

Antivirus Software

 This is rare, but sometimes the Antivirus software program also blocks the connection. You can disable the antivirus for a while and then try to connect to the shared printer. This can help you to troubleshoot the concern.    

Hopefully, the aforementioned troubleshooting guidelines can help you to troubleshoot the printer error. Also, you have to make sure that printer drivers are updated as sometimes, the outdated drivers also create Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer error. For updating the drivers, you can visit the printer manufacturer’s official website. And, if you are still having the problems, we recommend you to contact the experts and take their advice to fix the issue.