Samsung Xpress M2020W Setup

Do you want a Samsung Xpress M2020W Wireless setup on your Mac and Windows OS? Facing trouble with the Samsung Xpress m2020w printer setup? If yes, then this article might help you. In this article, you will get to know some simple steps that help you with Samsung Xpress M2020W Wireless set up on your device with ease. Let’s begin with these simple steps.

Samsung Xpress M2020W Wireless Printer

Samsung Xpress M2020W is one of the amazing monochrome wireless laser printers with which the user can carry out different operations such as printing, scanning, fax, and copy.


The multipurpose functions and features make it an ideal choice for home and office purposes. With this printer, you can streamline your workflow and can print around 20 pages in one minute.

Guidelines for Wireless Setup on Windows OS

Follow the below steps for Samsung Xpress m2020w printer setup on Windows OS using USB cable:

  • Turn on your printer. Check whether the power LED light starts blinking on the device or not.
  • Connect the USB cable with your Windows OS.
  • Insert the CD that comes along with your printer into your system.
  • If the installation screen is not visible then click on the Start button & click on the All-Programs option.
  • Tap on Accessories and then the Run button.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen for completing the installation. Click on the Next button to go ahead.
  • Click on the WiFi network under printer connection. After that, tap on the yes button to confirm the printer wireless network setup.
  • If your printer is already connected to the wireless network then click on the “Already connected to WiFi network” option.
  • Select “Using the USB cable” under the wireless setup option. Click on the Continue button.
  • Now, choose the network name according to your desire and enter the password for it.
  • If your printer supports the WiFi direct then unplug the USB cable between your system and printer.
  • Choose the installed components and follow the instructions displayed on the screen for the installation process.

Steps for Samsung Xpress M2020W Wireless Setup on Mac

Look at the below steps for Samsung Xpress m2020w printer setup on your Mac device through a USB cable:

  • Firstly, ensure that your printer is turned on. Also, check whether the power LED light on your printer is blinking or not.
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to the Mac’s USB port and the other end with your printer.
  • After that, access the WiFi setup by clicking on the WiFi settings app.
  • Click on the next button to start the printer setup.
  • Now, select the WiFi setup option. Select “USB cable” choice for the initial printer setup which is not attached to the network.
  • Connect your printer to the Mac system temporarily if it is not connected.
  • After that, the installation wizard setup of your printer starts searching for attached devices.
  • If you do not find your printer then use another USB cable for establishing a connection.
  • Now, click on the wireless network according to your desire from the given network list.
  • Click on the Continue button. Enter the SSID key for your chosen network.
  • Next, wait for some time until your printer connects with your chosen network.
  • If you want to switch on WiFi directly on your Samsung Xpress M2020W wireless printer then tick mark the checkbox. Follow on-screen instructions and then click on the Next button to complete the printer setup.

That’s all! Hopefully, the instructions written in this article will help you in Samsung Xpress m2020w setup on your Windows and Mac device. All the steps are easy to carry out. You just need to read them carefully and follow them as mentioned.