How to Setup Samsung Printer

Samsung is a very popular brand among printer users. Samsung printer setup allows the user to connect the laptop or desktop to wireless printer and print remotely.  To make this happen, you need to take care of things. The first and foremost thing you have to do before the Samsung Printer Setup is to download the latest printer drivers to add the printer to a wireless network. The second thing you have to make sure is that you have a strong WIFI connection.

Samsung Printer Setup

How to set up a Samsung printer?

Following are the steps for Samsung Printer Wireless Setup:

  • First of all, make sure that your computer and laptop is up to date and all the latest printer drivers are installed on it.

  • Both the computer and the printer have a USB port. You have to connect the USB port of both the devices via USB cable.

  • Once the connection is established successfully, launch the Wireless Settings Application. If you haven’t downloaded it, download now for a successful Samsung printer setup.

  • To establish a successful communication between the router, printer, and computer, the wireless setting application is very important. Launch easy wireless setup and tap to next to proceed further with the process.

  • You can set up a wireless connection following two different ways: using a direct wireless connection or via using the USB. Choose the later and tap to next.

  • Connect the system and printer via USB cable. Once the connection is established, the installation wizard will search for the connected device. Try to another USB cable if the dialog box is appearing and saying ‘Printer not found’.

  • All the networks will appear on the screen. Choose your network and tap to next.

  • Enter the Network Password with right key and tap to next. Be patient to connect Samsung printer to wifi.

  • Samsung Printers also come with inbuilt WIFI direct. So, once you have established a successful connection, a prompt message box will appear to seek your permission whether you want to use the WIFI direct or not. Click on Yes and enter the network password again.

  • Your Samsung Wireless printer setup process will get completed when you click on Next or Finish.

Once you are done with Samsung Printer Setup, try to print a test page to check whether your Samsung Printer is working wirelessly or not. In case, you still have a doubt or issues related to Samsung wireless printer setup, you can contact the support team for the expert help to set up the printer.