Printing Blank Pages Epson Problem

Are you facing trouble because the printer is printing blank pages Epson problem? Well! This could be due to a fault in the print cartridge due to which the user ends up printing the blank pages. Moreover, software troubles can also be the reason behind the blank page error. If you are one of those users, facing the same trouble, then read the instructions mentioned in the guide.

Here, we are going to provide you with complete details for printing blank pages Epson problem troubleshooting so that you can fix the issue and continue with the normal printing process.

Why is my Epson printer only printing blank pages?

Possible Reasons Behind the printing blank pages Epson problem:

  • Improper Ink Cartridge Installation.
  • Absence of Ink.
  • The present of Protective Sheet on Cartridge. 
  • Clogging Printer Heads. 
  • Printer Software Error. 

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix the Printer Problems:

Below we are sharing some simple troubleshooting steps to fix the printing blank pages Epson problem:


1. Reinstall the Cartridge Properly

Wrong Cartridge Installation can also result in the Blank Pages error. If you install a new cartridge on your printer without removing its protective sheet, then it can create the cartridge issues.

So, make sure you attentively install the cartridges to troubleshoot the problem. The presence of protective sheets helps to protect from any dust to enter and from drying. 

2. Unclog the Print Heads

Lack of printer usage can also result in the printing blank pages. If you keep the device idle for a long time. The print heads will clog and ink gets dry on the cartridges. To troubleshoot the problem, you can try clearing the print heads or nozzles.

Many of the Epson Printer models have an option to do this job, but it is recommended to troubleshoot the problem manually. For this, you have to take the cartridges out, locate the print head location on your printing device, it is present closer to the protective sheet.

Now, you need to locate the print head and clear it using the lint-free code and cotton. Hopefully, these guidelines will fix your problem.

3. Check Ink Level

If your cartridge is empty, it will also create trouble for you. To check, you can open the printer menu and check the Print Quality section or Ink Level. If no ink is present in your Epson printer, fill it or replace it to troubleshoot the problem.

It is always recommended to use good quality ink in your printer for better printing outcomes. The better quality ink does not get dry early and helps to avoid the clogging problem. So, prefer to use only the best quality ink.

Wrap Up

With these simple troubleshooting guidelines, you can fix the printing blank pages Epson problem in your printing device. If these troubleshooting steps are unable to fix your concern, we recommend you to update the printer driver.

For this, you can visit the Epson official website and download the drivers. Or, you can also go for the expert advice to get the issue sorted shortly.

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