Printer Validation Failed

We all need printers to print a variety of documents daily. Nowadays, there are different types of printers available in the market incorporating many user-friendly features that makes the printing process quite simpler and easier. However, there are times when users encounter technical errors with their device and are unable to fix the concern. Suppose you have to print some important documents and suddenly you get an error message that your Printer Validation Failed. What will you do at that moment? Despite being panicked, you can just try some simple troubleshooting steps to get the problem fixed. In this guide, we are going to discuss how you can get rid of the ‘Printer Validation Failed’ problem on your printer. Check the information provided below to find the list of steps for troubleshooting the concern. The errors and complications can turn into a big disaster, if not handled properly. So, if your printer is displaying a Validation error, get it resolved instantly. 

Printer Validation Failed

 Common Reasons behind Printer Validation Failed error

  •  Obstructions inside the printer like the Paper Jam errors.
  • Printer carriage is not easily moving. 
  • Internet interruption between the printer and computer. 

These are the most common reasons behind Printer Validation Failed error. But, you don’t have to worry as below we are sharing some simple guidelines that can help you to fix this concern.

Fix printer validation failed error with following troubleshooting solutions:

Uninstall the Printer Drivers

  • Turn on your computer and printer. 
  • Go to the programs section. 
  • Click on the name of your printer. 
  • Now, tap to uninstall. 
  • Go to the ‘Devices and Printer’ section. 
  •  The list will display on your printer screen. From this list, select your printer name. 
  • Delete your printer with right click on the printer name and then delete. 
  • Press the ‘Windows + R’ key together to launch the Run command for deleting the Root Level Drivers. 
  • Once the dialogue box pops up on your screen, type ‘printui.exe/s’ and tap on Ok. 
  • Open the ‘Drivers’ tab and delete it with a right click on the Printer Drivers. Click on the ‘Remove’ button. 
  • Go to ‘All Instances’ if you want to delete the ‘Print Server Properties. 
  • Click Apply. 
  • Restart your printer and computer and check if the problem is fixed. 

Install the Drivers 

  • There are higher chances that your printer drivers are outdated. So, if you want to fix printer validation failed errors, reinstall the drivers. 
  •  You can visit the official website of your printer manufacturer to install the updated driver version. 
  • To install the drivers, you need to mention the country or region. 
  • After that, type in the product number in the provided space. 
  • Choose the Operating system. 
  • Once you are done with this, you will get a prompt to connect your computer to the printer through setup wizard. 
  • The drivers will be installed successfully.

Update the Firmware

Outdated Firmware could also be the reason for validation failed error. Update the Printer firmware. You can do this from the control panel section. Once your firmware is updated, the problem gets resolved. 

So, these are some simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help you to fix Printer Validation failed error. Follow the steps and fix the problem to continue with normal printing functions.