Printer Troubleshooting Brother

Printer Troubleshooting BrotherIf you are facing technical troubles with your Brother printer, then printer troubleshooting Brother steps can help you to fix the problem.  In this post, we have listed the most common Brother Printer Errors along with their troubleshooting solution. If you are having a hard time using the Brother machine for printing the documents, then follow the printer troubleshooting Brother steps and fix the issue without any hassle.

Brother printer Print unexpectedly

If your Brother printer prints unexpectedly or prints garbage, then you need to pull out the printer tray and wait until the device stops printing the documents.  After that, you can turn off the Brother printer and disconnect the connected power cord. Check the application settings and make sure that you have properly set it up to work with your printing device.

Curled Printer Pages

The Curled Printer pages issue usually happens when the user uses low quality thin or thick paper for printing the documents.  So,  if you want to fix the problem then make sure that you use fine quality paper for printing.

Also,  it is recommended to print on both sides of the paper to avoid this problem.  Make sure that you select the paper tray which perfectly matches the print media type you are currently using.

Unable to print over a wired network

If you are having network issues then it is recommended to check the network user guide on CD-ROM to get more details.  For Brother printer troubleshooting, make sure that your Brother printer is turned on and in ready mode. To check the current network settings you can take a print out of the network configuration list. Try reconnecting the LAN cable to make sure that the network connection is good and reliable. If possible, then try to connect your Brother printer to a different port using the different cables, this may help you to fix the problem.

Computer Unable to Find the Printer

If your system is unable to recognize the printer then this could be because of the network settings on your device that might be rejecting the network connection. To deal with this problem, you can simply check you can disable the Firewall settings to continue printing the documents.

If you are using a Mac device, then you can re-select your machine in the ‘Device Selector’ application in Mac to fix this issue.

Paper Jam Error

If any paper is present in your paper Tray, then make sure that it is straight and not curled up. Also, try reducing the amount of paper in the tray and print the document again. If you are still unable to print the document, then check and make sure that your printer has not chosen the manual feed mode. Clean the paper pick roller and fix the issue.

We hope these simple steps will help you with printer troubleshooting Brother on your device. All the mentioned instructions are simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt or there is any other technical trouble hampering your Brother printing experience, contact the experts. The printer experts can give you the best advice to fix the issue and make sure that you have the best printing experience with the Brother printing machine.