Printing Configuration Problem 0X80004005 – Troubleshooting Guide

Any printer, while printing, can cause an error of 0X80004005, which simply means that it is a type of unspecified Windows error code that appears on your screen as “Error Code 0X80004005”. This message can be shown up alone or pop up with any other message. To resolve this issue, we need specific details that can narrow down the problem. Is your printer also displaying the printer configuration problem 0X80004005? Read further to get the solution.  

Before starting with any other information, we will discuss the causes of Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005. This often occurs when you use particular apps, access shared drives or folders, or encounter a problem updating Windows.

The following are the most typical reasons for Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005

  • Windows Update issues
  • Changing the names of files and folders
  • Difficulties with Windows notifications
  • Issues with zipped files and folders opening or extracting

Further, we will resolve this Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005

Let’s get started with the solutions

1. Run the Troubleshooter

Running your printer troubleshooter should be your first step. It is an automatic tool called Printer Troubleshooter that assists you in fixing printing issues on your device. From settings>system>click on your printer name and run. Try it out to see if it can assist.

2. Try to uninstall and reinstall your printer drivers

If troubleshooting does not resolve your purpose, then we can try another method where we will uninstall and reinstall the printer driver:

  • Open your Device Manager & you will find all the printer drivers
  • Right-click on the printer creating the problem and go uninstall the device
  • Visit the official website and from there download the latest drivers for your printer
  • Run the installer file manually and install the drivers
  • Restart your computer

3. Remove and again add your printer

Try to remove your printer and again add it completely. This sometimes resolves the Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005. To delete, you can use the below method: 

  • Open Settings 
  • Go to Control Panel 
  • Print Server Properties
  • Then Command Prompt
  • Registry Editor

Restart your computer after deleting or removing the printer, then add it again. Check if the problem still exists now.

4. The Clear Print Spooler

 A Microsoft service called Print Spooler controls printing jobs that are sent from your computer to a printer or print server. Emptying the Print Spooler might occasionally help with printing issues on your device. The following are the steps to clear the Print Spooler:

  • Press (Win + R) that will open the Run command box, then type services.msc. Select OK.
  • Check for the Print Spooler service.Select Stop with a right-click on it
  • Open the File Explorer and then the C drive after terminating the Print Spooler service
  • After that, select “Windows > System32 > spool.”
  • Launch the PRINTERS directory. It’s possible that you’ll get the message on your screen saying “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder.” Then click Next
  • Delete each and every file located in the PRINTERS folder
  • Return to the Services Manager app at this time
  • Start with the Print Spooler service by right-clicking on it.

5. Convert your USB printer into a wireless printer

This is the answer for HP printer users. If your HP printer is connected to your computer through a USB connection and you are unable to print from it because of the “Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005,” you can turn it into a wireless printer. Make sure you have the following before starting:

  • A wireless community.
  • The name and password for the wireless network.

when you install the full-featured printer software for Windows. By entering the name of your printer model in Windows Search, you can start the HP Printer Assistant. 

Now follow these instructions to resolve the Error 0X80004005

  • Connect your wireless printer to your device using USB.
  • Click on search and type your printer model and number
  • Select your printer from the search result till the HP printer assistant gets open
  • Then, go for Tools> Devices Setup & Software. Click yes in the UAC prompt
  • Convert a USB-connected device to your wireless 
  • When you click on yes, HP Assistant will automatically search for wireless networks.  
  • Click on Next
  • Verify the name and password of your printer; if it is correct, click yes. If it is incorrect, click no, and enter these details manually.
  • Again, click on Next
  • Now, the HP printer assistant will install the network driver, and then it will connect your printer to the wireless network
  • Once this process gets completed, do not close the HP printer assistant. Start by disconnecting the USB cable first from the printer and then from your computer
  • Click next on HP printer assistant; by this time, your temporary files have been deleted 
  • Click Finish

All the above pointers will help you resolve your Printer Configuration Problem 0x80004005 issue. If somehow these pointers do not offer you any solution, you can call or email us anytime. Our expert team is there to help you and will resolve your queries immediately.