Methods to Fix HP Printer Validation Failed
Open the printer troubleshooter
Reset the Printer
Reinstall the Printer
Run HP Print and Scan Doctor
Remove and reinstall the printer driver

How to Fix HP Printer Validation Failed

The printer validation error can be extremely harmful, and it will make you unable to print from your printer. Though HP printers are well-known for their performance, printer validation problems are common, which will hamper the performance of the HP printer. There are some fundamental solutions that you can use for how to fix HP printer validation failed. First, you can try to troubleshoot your printer and then reset your printer. If this solution does not work, install and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor software afterwards. 

These two above will help you fix HP printer validation failed errors. If they do not help you, you can read the full blog to learn different methods to resolve this issue.

Methods to Fix HP Printer Validation Failed

There are several methods that will help you to fix the HP printer validation failed error. Read the below details to know these methods:

Open the printer troubleshooter

This is the first method that we will use to fix HP printer validation failed error. To get information about this method:

  • First, click on Windows key+I, then open settings apps and select update and security.

  • Now, select the troubleshooting option available in the left option and click on Additional troubleshooters.

  • At last, select Printers and click on Run the troubleshooter button.


Reset the Printer 

Now, this is the second step that you can use for resolving your HP printer validation failed error. Use the below steps for this process: 

  • First, you need to unplug the printer from the wall with the printer turned on.      

  • Now, remove the additional USB cables from the printer.

  • Then, you need to wait for 3-4 minutes.

  • Now, press and hold the printer’s power button for about 30 seconds to discharge it.

  • After that, plug the printer’s cable back into the wall. 

  • Now, reconnect that cable with the rear of the printer.

  • Again, turn the printer back on.

Reinstall the Printer 

The other method that you can use is to try installing your printer in order to fix HP printer validation failed error.

  • First, to open appwiz.cpl, use the Windows key + R, input the file name, and then choose OK.

  • Now, select the Uninstall option by right-clicking the HP printer software.

  • After that, proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish the setup and restart your computer.

  • Next, type control into the Windows keypad and choose Control Panel.

  • Under Hardware and Sound, choose View devices and printers.

  • To uninstall the printer, right-click it now and choose Remove device.

  • Lastly, to finish the procedure, adhere to the onscreen directions.

  • You can completely reinstall your printer when the procedure is finished.

Another option is to utilize specialized driver software, like Outbyte Driver Updater, which automatically finds your printer’s drivers. 

Run HP Print and Scan Doctor 

Running an HP print will also help you with resolving your HP printer validation failed error. The steps for the same are given below:

  • First, click on the Download Now Button from HP’s support page to save HPPSdr.exe to a folder. 

  • Then, click HPPSdr.exe to open HP Print and Scan Doctor. 

  • Now, press the start button. 

  • Then, select the printer for Printer validation if a failed error arises, and click the Next button. 

  • Thereafter, select the fix printing option. 

  • At last, HP Print and Scan will display some troubleshooting results. Follow the on-screen instructions if the software displays any cross or unresolved printer error.

Remove and reinstall the printer driver. 

The easiest method that you can use to fix HP printer validation failed error is to remove and reinstall the printer drivers:

  • First, press the Win+R keys together to bring up the Run dialog box.

  • Then, enter cmd and push Enter.

  • Type the following into the Command Prompt box that appears, then hit Enter:/s printui.exe

  • Now, navigate to the Drivers tab that appears in the Printer Properties window.

  • Then, seek the driver for your printer. Click Remove after selecting it if you see it.

  • When done, click the OK button.

  • On the Print Server Properties windows, select Apply and OK.

  • Next, visit the printer manufacturer’s website and look for the most recent Windows 10 drivers.

  • After that, install the printer driver after downloading it.

  • At last, restart the system.

Conclusion: Let’s wrap up this comprehensive blog on how to fix the Printer validation problem. Now, all you have to do is attentively follow the directions, and everything should return to normal. To swiftly resolve a comparable problem with a missing or failed printhead error, consult our comprehensive blog or call our experts for support.