How to Fix HP Printer Status Unknown Error

HP printers are one of the best printers and offer a wide variety of printers according to the needs of the consumers. Moreover, hp printers are worth purchasing because of their unique features. Some of these are wireless printing, vibrant photos, cost effective media handling, duplex printing, and so on. While working with Hp printer there may be possible that you might run into the printer status unknown error, which you have to resolve for better functioning of the printer. If you are encountering a similar problem, then this blog will help you with how to fix the HP printer status unknown problem. 

This error will enable your device and printer to communicate with each other. Thus, if you are looking for printer status unknown problem, don’t go anywhere, we will help you with this.

Why is the printer status unknown? 

Now, we will explain you with some of the reasons that why this printer status unknown error occurred:

Windows Updates: After installing the Windows update, the majority of customers have reported many issues. Updating your operating system alone may result in several printer issues. 

Antivirus Restrictions: Certain elements of third-party antivirus software frequently hinder the proper operation of Windows programs. The printer status may not be known if the antivirus software is interfering with it.

Methods to resolve printer status unknown error

Before you initiate any technical process for printer status unknown error you need some simple methods that may resolve this error. Below are the troubleshoot points:

  • Restart your Device.  

  • Reboot your printer. 

  • Make sure you get your printer online. 

  • Try unplugging your printer and plugging it back.

Now, we will delve into technical methods for resolving hp printer status unknown error, so let’s not waste our time and start with actual solutions:

Firmware Printer Update to fix printer status unknown

Below are the steps that will help you to update your printer firmware to solve hp printer status unknown error:

  • First, in the search field, input the name of your browser by pressing the Windows key. 

  • Then press Enter.

  • Go to the HP website’s Software and Driver Downloads page.

  • Then Choose the Printer option.

  • Now, in the dialog box, enter the name or model number of your printer and click Submit.

  • To choose the most recent firmware version, click the Firmware section to enlarge it.

  • Now, to access File Explorer, press the Windows key plus E.

  • Find and unzip the just downloaded file. 

  • After that, without extraction tools, files cannot be unzipped on Windows.

  • Open the enclosed PDF in the extracted file to get instructions on installing the firmware update.

HP printers occasionally upgrade the firmware on their printers to address faults and issues.

Reset HP Smart App

Resetting your HP smart app can also troubleshoot hp printer status unknown error, to know how you can resolve this error follow the below steps: 

First, press the Windows key + I in order to open the Setting app. 

Secondly, click on apps and select Installed Apps. 

Third, locate HP Smart, then click on the displayed result and select Advanced option. 

Fourth, in the next window, you need to scroll down in order to locate the reset button. 

Fifth, click on the reset button to reset the HP Smart App.

Windows will provide you with a built-in repair tool  that diagnoses and helps in fixing malfunctioning applications. If this function does not resolve your hp printer status unknown error, try resetting the app. 

Some Other Methods To Fix Hp Printer Status Unknown Error

If the above solutions does not help you with hp printer status unknown error, then below are some other methods that you can use: 

  • To uninstall the HP Smart app, press the Windows key.

  • Then put HP Smart into the search field, and then pick Uninstall.

  • Now, to erase all of your HP Smart data from your computer, choose Uninstall from the popup box.

  • After that, restart your computer and download the HP Smart Setup file.

  • At last, check if the problem has been resolved by reinstalling the app and adding your printer to the HP Smart app.

HP’s main software for controlling printer operations is the HP Smart app. The printer status unknown problem may arise from a corrupted app; reinstalling the app may help fix the issue.

Reinstall your printer to fix printer status unknown 

You can also try reinstalling your printer which will help you with printer status unknown error. Thus, to know how to do this follow the below steps: 

  • To launch the Settings application, use the Windows key + I.

  • Now, in the menu that appears, click Bluetooth and Devices and choose Printers and Scanners.

  • Then, select the Printer that is impacted, click Remove.

  • Again, click Yes when prompted for confirmation.

  • Now, to launch the Run dialog box, press the Windows key + R. 

  • Then, type printui.exe into the dialog box and press Enter.

  • Now, go to the Drivers tab, pick the driver for the printer, and then click Remove.

  • Choose Remove driver and driver package in the resulting box, then click OK.

  • After that, to uninstall the driver packages from your computer, click Yes in the popup box.

  • To enter the Run dialog box, press the Windows key + R.

  • Then, paste c:\programdata and press Enter.

  • Find the Hewlett-Packard or HP folders, select them, and then remove the printer subfolder along with any associated printer files.

  • Now, restart your computer, then connect the printer again.

Printer issues such as unknown printer status can occur if the printer itself is faulty, including drivers, files, app data, etc. To resolve the issue in such circumstances, you will need to reinstall the printer. 

Conclusion: If you’re not aware of the reasons and solutions for printer issues, they can become vexing and unpleasant. Fortunately, we have included different solutions in this blog to assist you in fixing the HP printer status unknown error. If, after trying every solution, the issue still occurs, contact our experts for immediate solutions. Our experts will guide you on different solutions for different problems. Thus, you can call, email, or chat with us to get instant solutions for any queries.