HP Officejet Pro 6978 Troubleshooting

Are you facing troubles with your Officejet Pro 6978 Printer? You can fix all the printer error through HP Officejet pro 6978 troubleshooting. To execute all the printer functions normally, you need to resolve the printer issues and that can be done with some simple troubleshooting steps.

When you are using a printer it is quite common to get an error after long use as no device is perfect. But you can rectify that error with a simple HP Officejet pro 6978 troubleshooting process. So, fix all the printer problems and print your documents without any hassle.

Most of the Printer issues can be fixed through resetting the printer. You can even refer the printer manual to fix Officejet pro 6978 problems and bring it back to its normal functioning. Below we are highlighting the most common Officejet Printer issues and their solutions:

Paper Feed and Paper Jam issues

  • Remove the input tray from your printer.

  • From the front, open Cartridge Access store.

  • Remove the jammed papers.

  • Close the Printer Cartridge access door.

  • Press the power button to turn on your printer.

Unexpected Shutdown of printer

  • Make sure your printer is turned on and getting a proper power supply.

  • Disconnect the power cord and connect it back after 20 seconds.

  • Make sure your power cord is not damaged and if required, replace it.

Misaligned Print Heads

  • The problem occurs when you insert the paper during the printing process.

  • Clean the Print Heads on a regular basis.

  • Check for the defective sensors to troubleshoot Officejet pro 6978 printers alignment problem.

Black Ink is not printing the documents:

  • Make sure your printer is directly connected to the wall outlet.

  • Perform the hard reset to fix the error.

  • Press and Hold the power button for 30 seconds.

  • Plug the power cable to the power outlet without using any extension.

  • Turn off the printer and turn it on.

  • Insert printer cartridges to print the test page.

Scanner not working

  • Download the print and Scan tool.

  • Run the connection issue and printer hardware troubleshooter.

  • Uninstall the printer software and then reinstall it from the Programs and Features tab.

  • Open Windows Image Acquisition and select the suitable option for Officejet pro 6978 troubleshooting.

With the help of aforementioned steps, you can troubleshoot HP Officejet pro 6978 printer problems. If you still have any problem, you can contact our experts for help and get your issue fixed instantly.

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