Officejet 5255 Installation

The development in technology has brought many advancements in our day-to-day life. If we talk about printers then, the printer has become an important part of our daily routine. We use printers for personal as well as professional work. Among the different brands of printer, Printer is one of the printer brand available in the market. One of the most amazing Printer models is Officejet 5255, this model support many amazing features and easy to use functions. With Officejet 5255 installation, you can take benefits of all those features and have better printing experience. Officejet 5255 installation is all-in-one printer arrangement for the users to deliver the desired satisfaction and efficient printing quality.

HP Officejet 5255

How to setup Officejet pro 5255?

Below given are the easy and simple steps which you can follow for a successful Officejet 5255 printer setup and installation:

  • Unbox your printer and remove all the tapes from it.

  • Now, you have to connect the one end of the power cord to your Printer and the other end of power code to power board to process with Officejet 5255 setup process.

  • Open the printer tray, you have to pull the tray toward your direction. Load A4 sheet in the paper tray and then close it.

  • After that, hold the handle gently on either side to open the ‘Cartridge Access Door’. Remove all the tapes from the cartridge. Insert the Cartridge into the slot and after that, you have to close the lid for its better security.

Important: Make sure that color cartridge is present on the left side and Black Cartridge present on the right side.

  • If the Printer print the alignment page, continue to the next step. If the printer does not print the Alignment page, Click ‘Setup’ on the Printer’s Control Panel. Choose Tools and after that click on ‘Align Printer’. Once the Alignment Page gets printed proceed further with the next step.

  • For the best quality printing, Align the Ink Cartridges. This is possible if you place the alignment page over the Scanner Glass along the ‘Engraved Alignment Guideline’.

  • Once Officejet 5255 setup is complete, a user can install the software and the printer is ready to print.

Follow these steps carefully for a successful Officejet 5255 installation. If you have any doubt or concern regarding the setup process then feel free to contact the experts for Officejet 5255 support any time of you. The experts will not only help in the setup process but also share effective guidelines to maintain the smooth working of your printer.

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