Get Information on How To Do HP Envy 4520 Scanner Setup

A multipurpose machine that combines the capabilities of a high-quality inkjet printer with a flexible scanner is the HP Envy 4520 Scanner. Any home or workplace setting is well complemented by its sleek and compact style. Users may effortlessly digitize documents, photographs, and artwork with the scanner tool, producing detailed digital copies. It provides a variety of scanning choices, such as flatbed scanning for common documents and photographs and automated document feeder (ADF) scanning for documents with many pages. To get all these benefits, you need to do HP Envy 4520 Scanner setup, and this blog will guide you on it.

If you also have HP Envy Scanner but do have any information on its setup, don’t worry; we are here to support you on Scanner setup. With all this information, you can effortlessly learn the art of setting up your HP Envy 4520 Scanner. 

HP Envy 4520 Scanner Setup for Windows:

To set up your HP Envy 4520 Scanner for Windows, here are some steps that you need to consider:

  • Start by visiting the HP customer software and drivers download page.
  • Then, you can download the drivers and software by entering the model number of your scanner. 
  • Now, select download, which is next to the full feature driver.
  • To connect it with the printer stick, select the software to install and recommend the HP scan. 
  • Start with closing the scanner lid by putting the document you would like to scan.
  • After that, choose your computer name and scan the job type. Once the scanning is complete, then, return to your computer to open the folder and save the scan. 

In case your printer does not have a scan option, or you need any further scan functions, follow the below steps for HP Envy 4520 Scanner setup:

  • To launch the HP Printer assistant on Windows, type in “HP” and then click on the name of your printer model in the list of results.
  • To open HP scan, first, select Scan a document or photo.
  • Then, pick the shortcut that offers the desired file format and outcome.
  • Next, handle and save the scans by following these instructions.
  • Scan preview and editing: After scanning, choose Show Viewer or Show Scan Preview to make adjustments to the scan.
  • Modify the scan’s saved location: Choose advanced options or more, click destination, and choose browse from the drop-down menu that appears next to the save folder or save location.

Further, we will start with Mac HP Envy 4520 Scanner setup: 

If you have a Mac device, read this blog further to know HP Envy 4520 Scanner setup:

  • To download and launch the software, first, go to, enter your printer model, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, place the documents or photos printed on the scanner’s glass, and close the lid.
  • Press the Scan button; after that, select the scan task type and computer name.
  • Next, perform a scan on the Mac and select HP Easy Scan from the list of results.
  • Then, select the name of your printer from the scanner’s drop-down menu.
  • Now, select Scan from the presets menu after selecting the scan job type.
  • Select Send and then click the folder in the bottom right corner.
  • Click Save after making the appropriate adjustments.

  Another equally important point is scanning documents and photos into the computer.

Let’s learn how you can do Scanner setup for documents on your computer:

  • Install the software and driver by going to the HP customer support page and entering the printer model. The full feature driver is listed under the Driver-Product Installation program; select Download next to it.
  • Connect the printer to the setup guide, then pick the HP-recommended software to install.
  • Place your document or photo in the document feeder slot, scanner glass, or automatic document feeder, depending on the type of printer you have and its features.
  • To open HP Printer Assistant, search for HP in Windows, select your printer model, and then select to scan a document or a photo.
  • Now select the shortcut that corresponds to the desired file type and result, and make the required adjustments on the right.

Similarly, Here is the process of setup for documents on your Mac: 

  • First, start by keeping the document in the scanner by closing the lid of the scanner. 
  • Search the Mac for scan and choose HP scan for the results.
  • From the scanner’s drop-down menu, select the name of your printer.
  • Click scan after selecting the scan job type from the presets menu.
  • After that, by clicking the thumbnail representation of the scanned item on the left panel, you can alter it. You can change the color settings, scan alignment, and size cropping.
  • Then click the folder after selecting transmit in the lower right corner.
  • Additionally, by using the where menu, you may alter the file name in the prefix box and the folder where you want to save the file.
  •  Click Save after making the desired changes.

Lastly, If you are struggling with any issue that is related to HP Envy 4520 Scanner setup, our experts are always there to help you to increase your convenience. Our professional experts will guide you through your problems so that you can begin your smooth adventure and scan your documents effortlessly.

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