Epson scanners are quite renowned for their precision and efficiency, making these scanners an indispensable tool which can be a great choice for professional and personal use. These scanners have advanced scanning technology, user-friendly interface that helps in delivering high quality results. Moreover, epson scanners have a streamline process for document management, enhancing productivity and convenience. However, despite having so many benefits, it is possible that your epson scanner may encounter errors,   and one of the common errors is error-e1460b305. Thus, if you encounter this error then this blog is for you, we will help you with how to fix scanner error-e1460b305.

Different devices have different errors, and all these errors need to be resolved for better functioning. Be with us to know how you can resolve this error and enhance the functioning of your laptop.

Why does scanner error E1460-B305 occur?

Error E1460-B305 might arise from an incompatibility between your driver and system. Antivirus software that you have installed on your computer may prevent the scanner from operating as intended. If this isn’t the case, there may be a connection issue that you can solve by turning off any outside interference. This problem can potentially occur due to system corruption, which you can detect using an SFC scan. Finally, make sure everything is in place by checking the primary settings before setting up the scanner. The next step would be to select and apply the suitable remedy in order to resolve the scanner error-e1460b305.

Methods to Fix Scanner Error-e1460b305

There are several methods that will help you to solve scanner error-e1460b305. If you are not aware of this, then, we are here guide you: 

SFC Scan

It is possible that files may get corrupted in your system, and conducting a system file checker scan is the best possible solution to fix scanner error-e1460b305. This scan will help you detect the corruption which may be infecting your system internally. 

To fix this problem follow the below steps: 

  • First, you need to type ‘cmd’ in the taskbar and run it as an administrator. 

  • Now, a command window prompt will appear.

  • After that, type ‘SFC/scannow’ and press enter.

  • When the scan is complete, restart your computer. The scanner error-e1460b305 is still there or not.

Try Disabling Antivirus to fix scanner error-e1460b305

Antivirus on your PC may stop the scanner from entering your system. When you disable the antivirus program it allows a chance for the scanner to enter your system.    

To fix scanner error-e1460b305: 

  • You can disable the antivirus through the Taskbar. 

  • After that, select Disable and choose ‘ until the computer is restarted’ by right click.

  • This will disable the antivirus program.

Hence, using Windows Defender is your best option to setup a secure system..

Reconnect the scanner

As we have previously informed you, scanner error E1460-B305 may be the result of an issue with the Epson scanner’s connection. Therefore, it’s crucial to double-check that. Printers are known to be available in wired and wireless varieties. 

For wired scanners, you need to follow the below instructions:

  • First, unplugging the cable and re-plug it can solve the issue.

  • For wireless ones, you need to follow the below instructions:

  • First, restarting Bluetooth can accomplish the same thing.

  • Repeatedly try this remedy while restarting your scanner.

Another Methods to Fix Scanner Error-e1460b305

There are some other methods that will help you to fix scanner error-e1460b305. If the above mentioned solutions does not work for your scanner, you can try the below tips also:

Use Compatible Settings to Run the Scanner

This problem can also be resolved by running your scanner in compatibility mode. This has been reported by several users:

  • To begin, select the “scan” icon. 

  • Now, choose properties from the context menu after that. 

  • Select compatibility mode next, then check the box labeled “Run the program in compatible mode.” 

  • After completing that, click Apply and then Click OK.

Replace/Repair Driver

The Epson scanner’s drivers may not be up to date, which might lead to incompatibilities and the scanner error E1460-B305. The issue E1460-B305 can be resolved by reinstalling or upgrading the scanner drivers.

Update Scanners drivers 

If you want to know how to fix scanner error-e1460b305, you can try out updating your scanner drivers. 

To update your scanner drivers automatically follow the below details:

  • First, press Win+R  and then type devmgmt.msc.

  • Now, double click on Imaging devices.

  • Then, search for scanner hardware, and click on ok. 

  • After that, ‘browse my computer for driver software’. 

  • Now, you can download the drivers file.

  • Open the file when the download is complete. 

  • At last, restart your computer.

Wrapping it up: the blog has provided you information on how to fix scanner error-e1460b305. However, if you feel that your scanner is still not working, then you can try to get assistance from our experts. Our experts will guide you through the latest solutions and will restore your scanner errors. Thus, call, email, or chat with us for immediate support.