How to fix the printer cannot be connected over the network

Many of us have reported seeing the error message “printer cannot be contacted over the network” when their printer is installed as a network printer. It is possible that when this error occurs then, you will be unable to print from it. Your printer might show you a troubleshooting error that needs to be resolved immediately. If that describes you, you should find this post helpful. We will guide you through different steps on how you can resolve this error and restore your functioning. To know the next process, you need to follow the below article. 

Frequently, when you inspect the printer in Devices and Printers, an error sign appears. Make sure to check out the many approaches that have been utilized to tackle this issue below! Pay close attention to the directions!

What are the causes for the printer cannot be connected over the network? 

This particular issue has a few different root causes. Ascertaining the correct reason is crucial to a faster and more effective resolution of the issue. See the list below to know if the printer cannot be connected over the network:

1. Key services are unavailable: Several services must be operating for the printer to function, particularly if it is a network printer. Verify that all necessary services are turned on.

2. The printer’s IP address is dynamic: Although this isn’t usually an issue, certain printers

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Below are different steps that will help you the printer cannot be connected over the network:

Verify if specific services are enabled

A number of services are required for printer usage to function successfully. Something about how these services start-up will affect or change as a result of a recent Windows Update or a configuration modification available to your device. As long as you configure them to run automatically, the printer cannot be connected over the network ought to be fixed:

  • First, launch the Run program using the Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut. 

  • Now, to launch the Services tool, type “services.msc” without the quotation marks in the newly shown box and click OK.

  • Alternatively, you may use the Start menu to find and launch the Control Panel.

  • Now, you need to click on the search button on the Start menu, which can also be used to look for it.

  • Once the Control Panel window appears, select “Large Icons” from the “View by” menu in the upper right corner of the window, then scroll down to find the Administrative Tools.

  • Then, locate the Services shortcut at the bottom by clicking on it. To make it open as well, click on it.

  • Now, locate the Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol Service, Routing, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager, and Remote Access services in the list. 

  • Then, right-click on each one to bring up the context menu to choose Properties.

  • Now, you should click the halt button in the window’s centre to halt the service temporarily.

  •  In case it has been started (you can verify this right next to the Service status statement). If it’s stopped, keep it that way only.

  • Now, ensure that the option under the startup menu is set to Automatic before you proceed with the other steps. 

  • Verify any dialogue boxes that could show up when the starting type is changed. To close the window, click the Start button in the centre of it. 

  • Then, ensure you carry out the identical procedure for each of the services listed above.

Add Your Printer Again, the Printer cannot be connected over the network error. 

This is the simplest way to resolve a printer that cannot be connected over the network issue. You can remove the printer from your computer and re-add it if it encounters a problem that prevents it from printing files for you. Here’s a quick instruction on how to achieve that:

Printer-cannot-be-connected-over-the-networ- error.
  • First, type the control panel into the Search box by pressing Windows + S. Then, pick the best match to access it.

  • Now, click Devices and Printers after selecting the Hardware and Sound category.

  • Then, right-click the malfunctioning printer in the Printers area, choose Remove device, and then confirm the action.

  • After that, when you select Add a printer at this point, your computer will begin looking for compatible devices.

  • Finally, click Next after making your selection of the printer you just deleted.

You may verify that the printer is operational after adding it in accordance with the onscreen instructions.

Assign the printer a static IP address

In a network, a device’s IP address is often dynamic. Try giving your printer a static IP address if it can’t be reached via the network; this has been known to assist some users in resolving the printer cannot be connected over the network:

  • First, locate your printer’s IP address. You can obtain some techniques by consulting this guide.

  • Then, launch a web browser, type in the IP address you discovered, and hit Enter.

  • After that, access the printer’s network settings, enter the printer’s name and password and click OK.

  • Locate IP Address Configuration (or TCP/IP in certain circumstances) by clicking on the IP Configuration tab under the Networking tab. 

  • Now, to save the changes, choose Manual IP, type in the IP address you wish to give your printer, and then click Apply.

  • After it’s finished, restart your computer to see whether the problem with the “printer cannot be contacted over the network” has been fixed.

Conclusion: As we have described to you, different methods on how to fix printers cannot be connected over the network. Then, the above steps will guide you on the same matter. If you cannot resolve the matter, then you can take the help of our experts. Our experts will brief you on how you can settle these issues and related issues. You can get in touch with us through email or chat as well.