How to Connect Canon Printer to Mac

Canon has captured a lot of markets and is well known for its devices like printers, steppers, computers, camcorders, and more. Canon has ranked high due to many years of experience in dealing with printing equipment and services. Moreover, Canon is known for its excellence, adaptability, and innovation, and it designs printers to meet a variety of demands. Whether you need a small inkjet printer for regular use or a fast laser printer for corporate papers, they have everything that you need. If you have a Mac and are unaware of how to connect a Canon printer with a Mac, then we are here to guide you. 

Are you looking to set up your Mac with your Canon printer? Then, we have different methods for you to connect your Mac to your printer. All these steps are easy and quick to follow.

Require Checks

You need to ensure the following tests before moving further with the recommended WiFi configuration methods in order to connect your Canon printer to Mac:

  • First, make sure your printer is turned on before you start.

  • Then, check to see if your printer’s ON lamp is lit up.

  • Now, you must wait for your printer to finish doing whatever tasks it is currently performing, such as print head alignment, before moving on.

  • If the WiFi bulb on your printer is blinking, push the stop button.

Methods to Connect Canon Printer to Mac

We will brief you on some methods that will help you with how to connect a Canon printer to a Mac. Some of these methods are:

Canon Printer to Mac Process Without Cables

To understand the first method to connect your Canon printer to Mac, use these steps:

  • To begin, visit the Canon website.

  • Then, search for your printer’s model number and choose Mac as your operating system.

  • To start the process, choose the download option.

  • After that, a series of messages will appear on the screen.

  • Choose the ‘open or always allow’ option in the same box.

Connect Canon Printer To Mac

Canon Printer to Mac Using WPS Push Button

You can also connect your Canon printer to your Mac using the WPS button, and the steps for that are given below:

how to add canon printer to mac
  • First, press and hold the WiFi button until the ON lamp flashes before releasing it.

  • Then, press the black start button after that.

  • Now, press the WiFi button.

  • After that, verify that the WiFi light is rapidly flashing and that the ON bulb is lit.

  • Press the WPS push button on the wireless router. Continue to be in the same position for around two minutes.

  • You’ll see that the WiFi and ON lights will turn on as soon as the connection is established.

Other Methods To Canon Printer to Mac

We will explain some other methods that will help you to connect your Canon printer to your Mac.

Canon Printer to Mac Using WPS PIN Button

To understand the method of using the WPS PIN button:

  • First, press and hold the WiFi button for a number of seconds. They’ll be able to find it on the printer.

  • Now, hold your breath until the ON bulb flashes.

  • After that, the user must press the WiFi button.

  • Then, the light flashes 16 times; the user must continue to hold down the stop button.

  • Now, you can release the stop button. 

  • You may find the WPS PIN code on the printed network settings page, which should also be entered.

  • Ensure the printer’s WiFi LED is blinking while you’re doing this.

canon printer setup mac

Canon Printer to Mac Using Router

To use this method in order to connect the printer to a Mac using a router, you can use:

How To Connect Canon MG3620 Printer To WiFi
  • First, turn on your Canon printer. 

  • Second, make sure your router has a WPS button. 

  • Third, make sure your network is using WPA or WPA2 security protocol. 

  • Fourth, tap on the WiFi button and hold it until the alarm lamp blinks once.

  • Fifth, tap and hold the WiFi button once the alarm bulb blinks.

  • Sixth, a blue-blinking light on a WiFi lamp is required. Go to the router and press the WPS button as soon as it occurs.

  • Seventh, in order to maintain the connection, be sure you push the button for two minutes.

  • Eighth, the printer is looking for open networks when the WiFi light begins to flicker.

  • Ninth, the power bulb and the WiFi lamp will flash after the WiFi has established a connection with the wireless router.

  • Tenth, be patient and wait for the connection to be finished. 

  • Eleventh, the power light and WiFi bulb will cease blinking once you are connected.

  • Twelfth, you must now download the driver for your Canon printer.

  • Thirteenth, follow the onscreen instructions to install the driver setup.


We have explained to you different methods on how to connect a Canon printer to a Mac. While working on this connection, we are here to help you if you encounter any trouble. Our experts will resolve your issues through call, email, or chat. If you have anything related to Canon printers and you need any kind of assistance in the same, our experts can help you with instant solutions.