How to Connect my Brother Printer to WiFi

How to connect brother printer to WiFiIn this era of Advanced Technology, most of the electronic devices support WIFI connectivity. From the televisions to computers to printers, a WIFI connection is available for all. Now, people prefer to choose smart appliances that support WIFI connectivity and among all them, the most used devices are Wireless Printers. From the different Printer brands, Brother is the most trusted printer brand to use. Now, you may have a question that How to connect brother printer to wifi?

Here, we will provide you with proper guidance on How to connect brother printer to WiFi. Brother wireless printer setup has a lot of benefits, for example- you can print the documents from any location with the WIFI range and from any of the computer connected to the WIFI network.

The most important thing you need to consider at the time of Brother Printer Setup is to make sure that your printer is placed in the close range of the WIFI router and you must have a Wireless Network SSID and password of the router.

Steps to connect the Brother Printer to the WIFI

Complete Brother printer WiFi setup by following the simply given instructions:

  • The first and the most important thing you need to do before brother printer setup is reset the Wireless Card.

For this, go to the Menu Option by clicking the Menu Button on Brother Printer. After that, you have to choose the network by scrolling down the list and from there choose Network Reset option and click on OK.

  • Again, click on the Menu Button present on the printer, use the arrows for choosing your Network and click on OK.

  • After that, it will direct you to the Network screen from where you have to choose WLAN and then choose the setup wizard.

  • Enable WLAN by selecting an option in the Brother Printer. Press Ok and your Brother Printer will start looking for the SSID/ WIFI network in the range for Brother printer setup. Once the search gets complete, the list of all the WIFI network available will appear on the printer screen.

Now, remember SSID to connect to the printer. Once you have located it, click OK button on the printer.

  • The machine will prompt to select from AOSS or WPS you need to tap on 2 to cancel. Enter the WIFI password to connect the Brother printer to the WIFI network.

These 5 simple steps can help in a successful Brother Printer WiFi setup. If you need help to connect the Brother Printer to the WiFi, contact the experts and avail the instant support.

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