How to Configure Printer in SAP

In the technological era where there is a seamless travel of information, sometimes arises a need for physical documentation. Further, many businesses use SAP softwares to carry out their daily operations smoothly like managing data, generating crucial documents, and more. Therefore, it is essential that you must know how to configure printers in sap because it can simplify various complex processes. To know how all this can happen you need to read the full blog.       

Whether you are quite new to SAP or even if you are a professional user who is looking to redefine your printing processes, then this guide will take you through every single detail on How to Configure Printer in Sap.

Steps to Configure Printer in Sap

Now, we  share information that will help you to connect SAP software and a physical printer. Our blog will help you understand the importance of printer configuration in SAP and equip you with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to carry out this process: 

  • First, make sure your printer is turned on before you start.

  • Then, check to see if your printer’s ON lamp is lit up.

  • Now, you must wait for your printer to finish doing whatever tasks it is currently performing, such as print head alignment, before moving on.

  • If the WiFi bulb on your printer is blinking, push the stop button.

Step 1: Get Access of SAP Customizing 

  • First, you need to login in your SAP system with the appropriate credentials.
  • Now, navigate to the SAP customizing screen, this screen can usually be accessed through the transaction code ‘SPRO’.

Step 2: Define the Output Device to Configure Printer in Sap   

  • Now, in the customizing screen, you need to navigate to “SAP Reference IMG” > ‘SAP Weaver’> ‘General settings’> Set Output Device.
  • Then, you need to click on ‘Create’ in order to define a new output device. 
  • Now, you can provide a name for the output device and specify the printer model.
  • Now, you can enter the printer’s physical connection details.

Step 3: Assign Output Device to SAP Spool Server 

  • Now, you need to go back to the ‘Set Output Device’ screen and then select the output device created.
  • After that, click on ‘Assign Output Device’ and choose the appropriate SAP spool server. 
  • Then, save your settings.

Step 4: Define Print Parameters to Configure Printer in Sap 

  • Again, return to the customizing screen and navigate ‘SAP Weaver’> ‘General settings’> ‘Set Printer Assignment’.
  • Now, select the same output device.
  • Specify print parameters like format, print quality and more.

Step 5: Printing Test

  • In order to ensure that if your configuration is working properly, navigate to report or document within the SAP system.
  • Now, select the print option, and it will allow the system to choose an output device.
  • Then, you need to select the output device configured earlier and initiate the printing.
  • At last, check the printer job to ensure it is successfully sent to the printer and then, produced the desired results.

How to Create Printer Through Configure Printer in Sap

The below are the details that will help you to create a printer so that you can configure the printer in SAP. To know the process read the following details: 

  • First, put in the -SPAD T code.

  • Then, click on Display versus Output devices in the Spool Administration panel. 

  • Now, all configured output devices in the SAP system will be listed as a result.

  • To add a new printer, use the Create option.

  • Then, enter the printer’s name, type, class, model, and location in the Device Attribute Screen that appears below.

  • Now, choose the Host Printer and Host Spool Access Method options from the Access method screen.

  • By entering “__DEFAULT” in Host Printer, you may connect the default printer of the computer the user is currently signed into.

  • Then, depending on the situation, either tick or uncheck “No Device Selection at Frontend”.

  • To save the settings, click the “Save” button.

  • The notice will appear on the screen if you haven’t chosen the short name on the device attribute screen. Select “yes” to proceed.

How to Change Printer in order to Configure Printer in SAP/strong>

If you want to change printer so that you can configure printer in SAP you need to follow the below instructions: 

how to add canon printer to mac
  • First, go to the SPAD transaction. 

  • Now, under the Devices tab click on the output devices button in the Spool Administration.

  • In order to enter change mode, click the pencil picture-icon on the Spool Administration.

  • Then, list the Output Devices screen. To switch the output device, double click on it.

  • Now to modify the Device Attributes and Host Spool Acc Method tabs on the Spool Administration: Output Device (Change) screen as needed.

  • Once all necessary information has been updated or added, select the “Save” picture-icon.

  • Finally, a notification in the bottom status bar of the screen will say, “Output device was saved.” 

  • Now, to turn on the printer, click the illuminated match picture-icon.

Conclusion: As we have shared important information with you regarding how to configure printers in sap. If you have any trouble while setting SAP software, then, you can call our experts for help. Our experts will guide you with this information and let you enjoy the seamless printing using SAP software. The above mentioned information is simple and quick to understand, thus, if you feel that you require any assistance give us a call, or chat with us.