How to Fix Scanner Not Working in Windows 10

All-in-one printer allows you to print, fax and scan the document, just using a single device. Sometime issues may arise if you have not configured your printer properly. May your scanner stops working which is a quite common error to occur. To fix printer scanner problems, you can follow some simple troubleshooting steps which will help you in the elimination of the problem you are presently facing. So if your scanner is not working, try the following guidelines and fix printer scanner problems without any hassle.

Steps to follow:

  • If your scanner is not working then, first of all, you have to check the power. Make sure that you have turned on all the power switches and the cords are properly plugged in.
  • Refreshing the memory on operation instructions can help you in the elimination of the chances of operator error. By chance, if you have missed any step in the scanning process then not that step in the operating manual are scan again.
  • Make sure that you have properly positioned the documents you want scan which must be face down on the scanner bed glass. Cleaning the glass with a damp cloth can help you to fix printer scanner problems.
  • Double check the scan optimizing settings for the scanner troubleshooting. Some of the printers allow users to refine the settings for image only, print only or mixed documents. Make sure that you have chosen the correct one.
  • If your scanner is not working, you have to check the task manager of your device. Make sure that you have turned on the task manager during the scanning process.  Some of the printers, require the task manager in the toolbar for the proper functioning of the device.
  • For the more specific remedies, you can follow the printer troubleshooting menu.

The following simple steps can help you to resolve the scanner not working problem.  You can also go for the scanner troubleshooter to fix it. Scanner troubleshooter will help you to identify and resolve the problem. You can also download the free ‘Print and Scan’ Doctor. the scanner troubleshooter tool will detect the scanner issue and fix them. If nothing works for you to resolve the problem, then you have to contact the printer technicians to help you to find out the reliable solution to fix the error.

So, contact the experts to find out the solution for scanner troubleshooting and fix all the errors of your scanner.