Epson XP235 WiFi Setup

Struggling with Epson XP235 WiFi setup? Do you want to complete Epson XP235 Wireless printer setup? Have you tried to connect with the wireless connection but are unable to connect with it? There may be several issues that you may face with your Epson XP 235 printer. If you are looking for the solutions to these questions then don’t panic! You have reached the right spot.

Here, you will get to know the simple and quick instructions for Epson XP 235 wireless printer setup. Let’s go ahead with the wireless printer setup steps without any further delay. 

Epson XP235 Wireless Printer Setup using WPS Buttonepson-xp235-wifi-setup

Go through the below instructions step-by-step for the Epson XP 235 Wireless printer setup using the WPS button. Through the below steps, you can do the automatic configuration of your printer:

1: Firstly, you need to ensure that your printer is not connected to the WiFi router through the cable. Make sure that your printer is on and getting the active WiFi signals.

2: After that, press the WiFi button on your Epson XP235 printer for 7-8 seconds until the LED light on your device at the left side of the panel starts blinking. 

3: In case, the LED light on your device is on before pressing the WiFi button then you need to turn off your printer  and the network information button on your device. 

4: Thereafter, go to your router and press the WPS button located on your router. Once you press the WPS button then the light on both printer and computer will start blinking for 1 minute. 

5: If the LED light on computer and printer are on and static then it means that the WiFi connection has been established successfully. 

6: In case, you want the connectivity of your wireless connection then test to print a paper by pressing the “Network Information” button. 

7: Once you complete the printing, you can check the wireless option in the connection status and check whether the SSID matches with your router device or not. 

Epson XP 235 Wireless Printer Setup Manually

In case, your printer does not have the WiFi button then you can set up your wireless printer manually. Follow the below steps for the Epson XP235 WiFi setup using PIN code (manual mode):

1: Firstly, you have to press the network information button so that you can print the documents with information that you want to continue.

2: On the print sheet, you will find a row having 8-number code which is corresponding to the WPS PIN code.

3: After that, press the WiFi and the Network information button simultaneously until the LED light on the left side of your printer printer will start blinking. 

4: Once the LED power light starts blinking then you will have to enter the PIN code within the 2 minutes in the configuration of your router from your pc or laptop.If , you don’t know how to enter the PIN code then you can see the manual that comes along with the router. 

5: After entering the PIN code, your printer will indicate that connection has been established successfully. 

6: Now, your printer is ready to print the documents with a WiFi connection.