How to Fix Epson L3110 Not Printing Correct Color

Epson printers are synonymous and have excellent performance for both home and office environments. It offers a wide range of versatile models and has some exciting features like outstanding print quality, innovative features, and reliability. Moreover, the Epson printer makes printing like a breeze. Whether you require crisp documents, vivid photos, and high-resolution graphics, Epson printer has everything for you. Therefore, if you have an Epson printer and are struggling with some errors related to printing, then this blog is for you. Thus, we will guide you on how to fix epson L3110 not printing the correct color. 

This color issue is making you stressed, and you have an urgent meeting in another hour. Don’t worry, our quick fixes will help you how to fix not printing correct color epson. Now, learn this process.


Low Ink Levels: The program has the ability to halt ink distribution even if there are still a few droplets in the tank. It will enable you to swap it out, keeping your job uninterrupted.

Obstructed Outlets: As the nozzles’ apertures are so tiny, a particle of dust or other debris can effectively halt the ink’s flow. Until you have it cleaned, the ink will not flow and you will be faced with monochromatic prints.

Hardened Ink: The ink in your printer may dry up and stop flowing if it hasn’t been used in a while. Remember to sometimes print to make sure that this does not happen. 

Configuring Software: Your prints’ quality may be impacted by your printer’s settings. If you set them incorrectly, you’ll have printouts with incorrect color schemes.

Antiquated Motorists: Drivers are necessary for your printer and computer to exchange messages. It may interpret incorrect signals and print in a different color or not at all if they are not adjusted.

Methods to Fix Not Printing Correct Color Epson L3110

Now you have an idea of what exactly this problem is, and to resolve the problem of not printing correct color epson L3110, you need to take the necessary steps. Before working on any other step, you can first try to restart your Epson printer. This is because the printer error may be temporary and rebooting will flush out some issues. 

Here are some other solutions you can use for not printing correct color epson L3110:

Check printers ink level and replace the ink

One of the fundamental reasons that your epson printer is not printing may be because it is out of ink. You can easily check the ink levels on your computer to confirm. Follow the steps below to know how you can check this:

  • First, open settings and go to the Printers and Scanners option.

  • Now, select your printer from the list.

  • After that open the Maintenance tab. 

  • Click on the Epson Status Monitor 3 button.

  • Now, you can see the ink levels present.  

  • First, open your printer cover. 

  • Now, push the ink replacement button.

  • After that, lift the cartridge clamp and remove it.

  • Now, remove the current cartridges and push the clamps down.

  • At last, close the printer cover.

Clean Print Head Through Utility

In this we will look for the dirty or clogged print head and nozzles. With the cleaning tool that Epson provides, you don’t have to do it by hand. A few clicks and some paper will fix epson L3110 not printing the correct color. 

The procedures for cleaning the print head and nozzles of your printer are as follows:

  • First, place a few paper sheets into the tray.

  • Second, on your computer, launch the printer program.

  • Third, access Utility.

  • Fourth, decide to clean your head.

  • Fifth, to begin the procedure, click Print Nozzle Check Pattern.

Use the Color management option to fix not printing the correct color epson L3110

Now, if your printer problem is fixed but it is not printing in the same color, then you can try this fix quickly.

Epson printer comes with a color management option which will help in fixing not printing the correct color epson L3110. To use the color management option:

  • First, select a photo or document which you want to print. 

  • Now, click on your printer and select Properties. 

  • After that, choose custom as the mode and then, click on Advanced.

  • Select the Color Management tab and click on ICM.

  • Choose from Driver ICM (Advanced) and Driver ICM (Basic).


Now you are aware of the reasons and solutions of how to fix epson L3110 not printing the correct color. This error is common and you can easily use these solutions for a quick fix. Moreover, if you encounter any kind of trouble while making the fix you can call our experts for immediate solutions. We can even guide you through email or chat also. Discover the benefits of guidance from our experts.