Epson artisan 810 wireless setup

It is easy to complete the Epson artisan 810 wireless setup with the WPS method.  The printer delivers ultra-high-definition printouts and amazing photo printing. This device offers the most convenient way of printing the documents in pictures without any hassle. In this guide, we are going to provide you with detailed information about the Epson Artisan 810  wireless setup for the Mac device. So, read the guide carefully and complete the setup without any hassle. 

Features supported by Epson Artisan 810 printer

With Epson artisan 810 printer setup you can enjoy the benefits of following printing features like: 

  • You will able to print the best quality pictures and documents. 
  • You can also print the CD using this printer, as the printer comes with a CD tray that allows printing the DVD and CD. 
  •  You can print multiple pages on a single sheet.  This shares the intense colour printing experience. 
  • 810 printer does not support the paper tray, but it has a paper extender present at the back rear of the printer. 
  • You can print the 4X6 photo printer in 46 seconds and 12X12 photo print. 

Epson artisan 810 wireless setups for Mac

Below are the step by step instructions for Epson artisan 810 wireless setups for Mac device. Follow each step carefully to avoid the mistakes: 

  • Start with the ‘Start Here’ instructions provided in Epson 810 printer. 
  • Visit the Epson official page and download the printer drivers for the device. 
  • Type ‘Epson Artisan 810’ in the search bar and click on ‘Download the driver’ option. 
  • Download the driver combo and click to open the image. 
  • Double click on the Epson app to run the installer. 
  • Connect your printer to USB connection or Wireless network. 
  • Now, load the paper in extender for printing the test page. This will help you to check the printer connection. 
  • Complete the installation. 
  • Once the Epson artisan 810 installation download is completed, open System preferences.
  • Click ‘Printers and Scanners’ option. 
  • Find the printer you have installed and click on the printer, check the option and tap on Supplies. 
  • Here, choose the ‘High-Speed printing’ option to get off, click on the Ok button. 

Epson Artisan 810 Driver Settings

  •  In the Adobe Acrobat or Reader print window, you can tap on the Printer to get access to the advanced settings of the printer. 
  • This will show the warning, so click on the Yes option to continue. 
  • Set the layout if you want to make any changes in the printer settings as per your wish. 
  • Expand the Advanced Settings and set ‘Brightness Slider’. 
  • Press the Preset Drop Down button and tap on ‘Save Current Settings as Preset’ option. 
  • Give a name to your preset and hit the Ok button. 
  • Click on your print. 
  • Click the Epson Artison 810 Printer button and confirm the name you have chosen for the Preset.

That’s All! With these simple guidelines, you can complete the Epson artisan 810 wireless setups for your Mac device. All the provided instructions and simple, easy to understand and execute. Once you have completed the setup process, you are all set to print high-quality pictures and documents. In case, you have any doubt or confusion, do not hesitate to contact the experts and seek their advice to troubleshoot the problem.