Connect Canon Printer to Laptop

connect wireless Canon printerWhen it comes to print the documents then Canon is the most preferred brand for the Printers. Canon Printer delivers great performance and executes every printing task very effectively. Canon Printer is efficient enough to manage all the of printing requirements, you just need to connect wireless Canon printer to the laptop and you are ready to print documents anytime you want. So, if you have purchased a new Canon printer but struggling to install it, then you can follow the simple steps to connect wireless Canon printer to the laptop.  The steps are simple, all you need is to follow the guide carefully.

How to Connect wireless Canon printer to laptop

When your printer wirelessly, you do not need to connect the USB cable to your printer.   You need the USB only when you want to install the driver software for your Canon Printer.  If you have not set up the Printer for wireless printing then firstly you need to connect Canon printer to the laptop.

Connecting canon printer to laptop does not consume much time, with the following easy and simple steps, you can complete the Canon wireless printer setup easily and without any hassle.

Preparing to Install

  • Setup your printer as per the specifications mentioned by your manufacturer.  Turn it on and install the Ink Cartridge. In case, your printer needs an Ethernet connection then, connect your printer to the router using an Ethernet cable.

  • Check whether the software is installed on your printer or not.  If it is not, then install the printer software by using the software installation CD you got with your Canon Printer. You have to insert the CD in your Laptop.

  • Provide your printer with an internet connection.  For this, you have to select the wireless network on your printer from its LCD panel. So, select the wireless network and enter the passcode for Canon wireless printer setup.

  • Check if the instruction is appearing on the screen, follow that instruction to connect the printer to the internet.

  • You can also check for the instructions on Canon Printer official website by choosing the ‘Support’ option selecting ‘manual’ from the drop-down menu and click on the Printers. Find the model number of your printer.

  • To connect wireless Canon printer to laptop successfully, make sure that your laptop and printer are on the same wireless network. The printer will follow the commands of the laptop only if they are working on the same network.

So, follow these simple steps and connect wireless Canon printer to the laptop. Canon is the best choice for users who have regular printing work and deliver you the best printing results.

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