Canon TS3150 Troubleshooting

Struggling with Canon Pixma TS3150 printer problems? Want to know the reasons behind the occurrence of the various Canon printer issues? Thinking about how to resolve the issues with your Canon Pixma TS3150 printer? Well, if the answer is yes then don’t fret! In this article, we have shared the Canon ts3150 troubleshooting tips that help in resolving the issues associated with your printer. Scroll down and fix the issues with your Canon Pixma TS3150 printer.

Canon Printer Different Printing Issues

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Go through the below instructions for resolving the various Canon Pixma TS3150 printer problems such as printer won’t print, printer won’t print wirelessly, printer not responding and many more. 

Issue 1:  Won’t Print

Follow the below steps for the Canon Pixma TS31500 won’t print issue:

  • Make sure that your Canon printer is connected to the electrical socket and your device is getting the proper power supply.
  • Press the ON button by turning on your Canon printer to start the Canon Pixma TS31500 troubleshooting tips.
  • In case, the power lamp is flickering then do not proceed further until the LED light stays lit. 
  • If your printer is connected to your computer through the USB cord then you need to plug in your device correctly. 
  • Ensure that you are using the USB cable which is compatible with your Canon Pixma printer. 
  • For completing the wireless connectivity, you need to ensure that your printer is connected to the wireless network properly. 
  • Make sure that the front tray of the printer is open.
  • If you are performing the printing function from the computer then you need to remove all the undesired print jobs.
  • Configure the printer port correctly to fix the issue.

Issue 2: Won’t Print Wirelessly

Go through the below guidelines to fix the Canon Pixma TS3150 won’t print wirelessly issue: 

  • Restart your system, printer and the wireless router.
  • Turn on your Canon printer and wait for some time to continue the process.
  • Remove the power cable from the rear side of your printer to fix the issue 
  • Turn off your Windows or Mac device and then reinsert the power cable again.
  • Take the power cable from the wireless access point and then replug it again to the network router after some time. 
  • Turn on your Windows or Mac device and then proceed with the print job to check whether the issue is resolved or not. 
  • Clean the print queue from Windows or Mac devices.
  • Make sure to update the printer driver with the latest available version. In case, the printer driver is corrupted then reinstall it again. 

Issue 3: Not Responding 

You may face the issue that Canon Pixma TS3150 is not responding when your printer has lost the communication with Windows and Mac devices. Go through the below steps to fix the Canon Pixma TS3150 is not responding issue:

  • Reset your Windows or Mac system and then carry out the print operation.
  • In case you are getting the low signal strength then place your printer within the range of the wireless network router.
  • To check the signal strength, you have to print the Network setting sheet. 
  • You may get this issue when your printer is not communicating with the network router. So, check the connection established by you. 
  • Turn off your router and printer. After waiting for sometime, turn on your device to restore the communication. 
  • Make sure that your printer and your computer are connected with the same WiFi network.