Canon TR8620 Setup

Canon is the most popular brand among printers. This printer comes with an LCD touchscreen, front paper cassette, memory card reader, tear paper tray, flatbed scanner, etc. You can scan the documents with Canon TR8620 very easily if you follow the correct steps for Canon TR8620 Scanner Setup.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the simple and easy steps to set up a scanner. If you are willing to know how to perform the setup, then follow the below-mentioned steps. Let’s get started.

Steps to perform Canon TR8620 scan to computer setup

Before starting the Canon TR8620 scan to computer setup, make sure that you have installed the MP drivers on your computer and your scanner/printer is connected to the computer properly. Now, follow the below steps to set up canon printerCanon TR8620 Scan to Computer Setup

1: First and foremost, turn on your Canon TR8620 printer and tap on the scan button.

2: After that, select your PC from the operational panel and tap the ok button.

3: Then, use an up and down arrow to choose the computer and then hit the ok button.

4: Now, choose a local USB or computer to save the scanned data and a standby screen will appear on your device.

5: If you select the left function arrow then your scanner will scan for the connected computers.

6: Next, choose the document type by using the left or right function. 

7: Then, place the original document on the scanning surface and use the right function to adjust the settings as per your requirements.

8: After that, press the left function button on the standby screen and register the scanning settings as custom settings.

9: If you want color scanning then hit the color button and for black and white scanning, hit the black button.

10: Now,  you need to select the color button to send the scanned data to the PC. If you load the original document properly only then the scanner will start scanning and send the scanned data to the PC.

11: After completing the scanning process, remove the original document from the scanning surface.


If your Canon Pixma TR8620 scanner is not scanning the document properly then follow the below troubleshooting steps to fix the issue:

  • Make sure that your Canon scanner is connected to the computer and power source properly.
  • Make sure that you have installed the updated and compatible scanner drivers.
  • Try to restart your scanner and computer system.
  • Check the print and scan settings for the Canon scanner on your computer.

Follow these easy steps to complete the Canon TR8620 Setup in a hassle-free manner and enjoy flawless printing and scanning.

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