How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issues

Have you recently purchased a new Canon printer, but are unable to print the documents because of the Canon Printer Not Printing problem on your device. Well! Don’t Worry! This guide can help you. There could be a number of possible reasons due to which your Canon printer may not print the documents. By following some simple troubleshooting guidelines you can easily identify the reasons behind the Canon Printer Not printing problem and the troubleshooting solution. In this post, we are going to share the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you to fix the printer is not a printing problem. So, read on and find the simple steps to fix your problem. 

My Canon printer is not printing. What should I Do?

My Canon printer is not printing. What should I Do?

Quick and easy steps to troubleshoot Canon printer not printing issue:

  •  If your Canon printer not printing the documents, hard reset the printer to fix the problem.
  •  Turn off your printer and unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  •  Remove the cable from your printer rear. 
  •  Leave the printer like this for about 2 minutes.
  •  Plugged back the printer again to the wall outlet without using any Surge protector.
  •  Reconnect the cable you have previously removed from your Canon printer rear. 
  •  Turn on your Canon printer and wait until the process gets completed.
  •  Print the test page to identify if the problem is fixed.

Other Troubleshooting steps to Consider to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Error:

  • If your Canon printer is not printing the documents properly, then check your  Ink cartridges, make sure that they are not empty.
  • Open the Canon for Windows, and go to the ‘Ink management’.  You can check the ink level in the Ink Tank.  If the ink tank is full but the printer is unable to print,  check the ink cartridge authenticity.
  • Make sure that you buy the Ink Cartridges from a genuine retailer.  Also always prefer to use the original product.
  •  Insert the paper carefully and always used quality paper for printing the documents.
  •  In case your printer is running out of paper,  you need to load the tray with paper. 
  •  Reset your printer to fix the Canon printer problems you are facing with the device.
  • Check the firmware status and make sure that your firmware is not outdated.  In case your firm needs an update you can visit the Canon official website and get the latest firmware update for your device.
  • Download the drivers only from the Canon official website and make sure that driver and software are compatible with your operating system.
  • If you do not download the correct version of the software,  you can face a Canon printer not printing problem on your device.

We hope that with the help of the simple guidelines above, you would be able to troubleshoot the Canon printer not printing problem on your device.  All the mentioned instructions are very simple and surely troubleshoot your Canon printer problems.  But, if you are unable to do so with these steps, we recommend you to contact the Canon printer expert and seek professional advice to find the most reliable solution to your problem quickly.