How To Perform Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting

Canon is one of the most reliable and valuable companies, with a market of $24.38 billion as of August 2023. These printers are high-resolution printers with impressive results. Canon Pixma is a range of Canon printers that are renowned for their outstanding print quality and flexible features. PIXMA printers are capable of handling a range of printing requirements, from simple papers to vivid images, thanks to their svelte design and user-friendly interface. Wireless connectivity is available in these models, making it simple to print from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. If you have a Canon Pixma printer but are unable to print, then this blog will guide you on how to do Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting.

Common Errors of Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting

It can be frustrating when you have urgent work and your printer does not work. But don’t worry; the blog will guide you on troubleshooting these printer errors and let you enjoy seamless printing. There are several reasons why you are not letting your printer print properly.

Some of those are explained below with the Printer Troubleshooting process.

Discover troubleshooting solutions for common issues with Canon Pixma printers.

1. Printing Cartridges:

Your printer cartridge may be the cause of your printing issues. Several problems can be brought on by the cartridge: 

A. No Ink: When you run out of ink, the issue is the most easily fixable one. You can resume using the printer after changing the ink cartridge.

Canon Pixma Printer Troubleshooting

B. Incorrect Cartridge: A genuine Canon printing cartridge is necessary for the Canon printers to function properly. Make sure you are using the right cartridge by checking it; if not, swap it out for an authentic Canon cartridge. Setup for Cartridges:

  • Printer cartridges can be tricky to set up and operate properly. Below are the steps to set up cartridges for Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting.

  • Restock the paper holder

  • Select “Install” from the menu.

  • Select “Tool” and then “Adjust Printer.”

  • The printer will produce paper that is straight. To finish the task, click “OK”.”

2. Blocked printer heads:

The dust and dirt can find their way into the printer, and this accumulation of dirt and dust will result in blocking the printer head. To resolve it, see below:

In-printer cleaning print head: This problem can be resolved easily as you can tell the printer to do this chore:

  • Start by opening the paper outlet tray.

  • Now, choose the installation option.

  • Then, click on the device icon.

  • Now, choose the maintenance from the toolbox.

  • After that, click on deep cleaning.

  • Confirm the process by pressing ”Yes” and then click on OK.

  • Now, your printer will start the cleaning process.

Canon Pixma Printer

3. Paper Problem:

It is impossible to believe that your printer is having a problem because of the paper you are using for printing. You must ensure that you use the correct size paper for your printer. To help your Canon Pixma printer troubleshoot:

  • Start by inserting the paper neatly and precisely in the tray.

  • Careful about the paper stock print; it should not be too thick for your printer.

  • Now, look for any kind of paper jams and remove any paper that you will see in the printer.

Other methods for Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting

If your printer does not encounter the issue stated above, then this blog will guide you on some other methods that can help you with Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting.

1. Default printer setting:

It is possible that you have not set your Canon printer as default which is creating trouble in printing:

  • First, you need to open your Control Panel.

  • Now, go to devices and printers.

  • In case you see that your printer is not set as default, right-click on the Canon printer and then click set as default.

  • Ensure that the printer has green remarks on it.

2. Print Jobs stuck in printer queue:

 It is possible that your print job is stuck in the printer queue, and you have to clear it in order to do the Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting:

  • Start by opening the Control Panel.

  • Now, enter services.msc in the search bar and then press enter.

  • Scroll to Print Spooler and right-click. After that, click on Stop.

  • Now, go to ”run,” type ”spool,” and hit the ”enter button.”

  • After that, open the ”printers” folder.

  • Now, delete everything in the folder.

  • Go to the ”service” window, right-click printer spooler, and choose ”Start.”

  • At last, try reprinting on the printer.

3. Offline Printer:

It is possible that your printer is showing offline status, but you can easily change it from settings. This message is appearing on your screen for several reasons:

  • Check the Canon printer and device are connected to the same internet source.

  • If there is no internet, your printer will show as offline. You will be online again when your internet connection is available again.

  • Check your cables and determine everything is plugged in properly.

In order to do Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting: 

  • First, go to the control panel.

  • Then, click on drivers and printers.

  • Now, find your Canon printer and then right-click on it.

  • Choose ”See what’s printing.”

  • Then, go to ”Use printer offline” and ensure it is not selected.

  • In case it is not showing a check mark, then click on settings to make it online.


The aforesaid information has mentioned all the steps that will help you with Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting. If you still face any problems while clearing your printer, you can get in touch with our experts. Our experts will guide you and assist you with all kinds of printer-related problems. Thus, you can call, email, or chat with us in order to resolve your queries.


The “Paper Jam” error, in which a piece of paper becomes stuck inside the printer, is one of the most frequent printer faults. Other frequent faults include connectivity issues, “Low Ink” or “Toner Empty” alerts, and driver-related issues. These problems can be reduced with regular maintenance, sensible paper handling, and a well-stocked ink and toner supply.

There are several reasons why printers might not print, including low ink or toner levels, paper jams, wrong paper settings, driver issues, connectivity problems, or hardware faults. Printing issues can be avoided with routine maintenance, careful handling of paper and ink/toner, and updated drivers.

A number of things can stop a printer from printing. Connectivity problems, empty ink or toner cartridges, paper jams, wrong settings, or hardware faults are some examples. Before requesting additional help, verifying the printer’s display for trouble warnings, reviewing printer settings, confirming good connectivity, and taking care of any obvious problems is imperative.

A number of variables may be at play if your printer is functional but not printing. Make sure there is sufficient paper and ink/toner. Make sure your device is correctly connected to the printer. Check the printer’s display to make sure there are no error messages. Sometimes, a driver issue or a print queue backup may be blamed. If the problem remains after restarting the printer and your computer, consider reinstalling or updating the printer drivers.

Determining the precise problem producing the error is frequently necessary when resetting a Canon error code. Start by shutting off the printer, removing it from the power supply, and giving it some time to cool off. Then, connect it again and turn it on. If the issue still exists, get advice on resetting or fixing the exact error number from our experts or the user manual.