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Canon Pixma MG2120: All You Should Know

Canon Pixma MG2120 was launched in the market by Canon in 2011. It is one of the initial printers of the Pixma MG line of printers to be manufactured. The printer is an unbeatable inkjet model for its scanning and advanced printing capabilities. This home printer does come with a maximum printing resolution of around 600 x 600 dpi for black and white. When it comes to the colored documents the range goes up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.

It is a great fusion of four-colored cartridge systems with a hybrid ink system. Not only that but it does support numerous operating systems. When this product came out, it was widely accepted by the online community for its functionality and its simplicity. So if you own one or are thinking of buying one there are some other things you should know.

Canon Pixma MG2120 Driver Install & Download

To seamlessly use your Canon printer you need to have the right drivers and software installed on your PC. Right drivers ensure that the printer can give its optimal output. And you can get the best out of your Canon printer. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the required software and drivers for your printer.

How To Install a Canon Printer Without a CD?

  • First of all, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website to search for suitable software.
  • After you have found the right drivers for your PC then click on Download.
  • If the download is complete, double-click on the downloaded file.
  • The installation process will start.
  • Once the installation process proceeds further follow all the on-screen instructions.
  •  A pop-up will appear indicating that the installation is successful.
  • Check if you can print a sample with a Print command.
  • Note – You must keep your drivers updated for the smooth performance of the printer.

We all know that the installation of drivers without a CD is an old redundant practice. Laptops no longer these days come with CD drives. So it becomes necessary that you know how to install a Canon printer without a CD.

Canon Pixma MG2120: Setup Wizard & Wireless Connection

Not just with a USB cable but the Canon MG2120 can be connected to your PC or laptop with a wireless connection as well. Amazing, right? Follow all the mentioned steps to enjoy a wireless experience on your Canon printer.

  • First, you need to press the Menu button which is present under the Network search menu.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Look for the “WLAN” menu and once found then click on the OK button. 
  • Select the “Setup Wizard” in the menu and then wait for a couple of moments.
  • The machine will automatically search for the SSID.
  • If the printer is done searching for the SSID you then have to press the Back/Clear button. 
  • You will notice that a WiFi icon appears on the screen above.

Which Operating Systems Are Supported – Canon Pixma MG2120:

The operating systems mentioned below all support the drivers and software for Canon MG2120.

  • macOS
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 2012
  • Windows 2008
  • Version – 2003 Windows
  • Vista version of Windows.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • The latest Windows 11 and its predecessor Windows 10.

When Your Canon Pixma MG2120 Printer Is Not Responding

Checking The Obvious First: Canon MG2120

  • If the printer is wireless, is the access point or the router working properly?
  • When on a USB connection, make sure that the USB port is in working condition. If possible then try with a different USB port. 
  • Is your printer turned on and in a ready status?
  • Is your cable connection secure?

Intermittent Issues With Canon Pixma MG2120 Not Responding

Setting up your printer with the help of wireless connectivity is a bare minimum in the world of tech. It cancels the hassle one has to face when it comes to connecting the printer with the wires. But connecting your Canon printer wirelessly has some of its demerits as well. One of them is the frequent occurrence of “Printer Not Responding Error”. Here are a few steps that you can try:


  • For a start, try to restart your computer, as most of the time this helps recover any lost connections or wireless devices
  • Try to power on/off your Canon printer and also the access point or the wireless router that your printer is connected to. 
  • You may also check for your printer’s configurations as you may not be assigned the correct port for your printer. 
  • Go to the Devices And Printers to access the device manager.
  • Ensure to double-click on your Canon device and then proceed to click on Properties.
  • This page will provide you with access to numerous tabs that you can verify for configurations.

GeneralThis entails the general properties of the printer which includes your IP address and the location of the printer. 

Port This can tell you about the IP address of your Canon Pixma MG2120 printer. You also get the chance to update the required information. Some of the printers require specific port assignments for proper functioning.

Once you are done verifying the above-given errors then it is high time that you update the drivers on your Canon printer for a better troubleshooting experience. Follow the above-provided steps to do so.

Final Words 

We hope that this comprehensive guide to Canon Pixma MG2120 was immensely useful to you. Our motive was to provide you with the best possible ways to troubleshoot the device all by yourself.

If you still face any sort of problem with your Canon printer then you can feel free to contact our experts. They will make sure that none of your queries remains unanswered.

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