Canon MG2900 setup

People with a technical background can easily complete the printer setup, but sometimes, the setup process creates a lot of hassles and pain to the people ( especially the Non-technical person). If we talk about Canon Printers, they are very easy to set up and use. Even if you have no or least technical knowledge, you can set up the Canon printer without any hassle.  One of the best Canon Printers available for the users is the Canon MG2900 Setup. This printing device comes with amazing functions and user-friendly features.  You can easily connect this printer to your computer and print the documents after completing the setup. In this guide, we are going to share the simple guidelines that will let you complete the Canon MG2900 setup on your device and print the documents hassle-free. 

Connect the Canon MG2900 to Wifi

Below we are sharing the simple steps that tell you how you can connect canon mg2900 to wifi. Follow each guideline carefully to avoid hassles in the process:

  • Firstly, you need to change the connectiCanon MG2900 setupon mode. For this, press and hold the wireless button present on your printer. 
  • You are supposed to hold the wifi button until you see the alarm light blinking. 
  • The connection mode will change based upon the number of flashes. 
  • Now, release the wireless button once the light flashes for the third time. 
  • Find the SSID ( network name and password) and write down the details somewhere. 
  • To connect the printer through WPS, press and hold the ‘WiFi’ button and ‘Alarm’ button on the printer until you see the wifi button flashes. 
  • The wifi button will flash in two minutes. 
  • Your Canon mg2900 wireless setup is now completed. 

Another way to Connect Canon MG2900 to WiFi

  • Once you have connected the printer to your network, you need to check out the page that your printer has printed before. But, first, you need to press and hold the stop button until you see 15 flashes.  The website must have the IPv4 IP address. 
  • You need to type this address in the address bar and hit the enter button. Now, you will be requested to enter the username and password. You can use the ‘admin’ as a username and password for your Canon printer. 
  • You can access the printing device. A Google cloud print option will be available. 

With these simple guidelines, you can complete the Canon mg2900 setup for your device. Make sure while setting up the printer, you install the drivers only from the official website.  The installation of drivers from an untrusted source can create troubles in the setup process. Also, your printer and computer should be connected to the same network to print the documents.

The mentioned instructions are very simple and easy to execute. But, if you are still unable to complete the Canon mg2900 setup even after following all the guidelines, go for printer troubleshooting.  To troubleshoot the device, you can take help from printer experts and get the task done in a short time. The experts can also suggest some useful tips for the productive use of the printer.