Canon IJ Scan Utility Download

The Canon IJ scan utility is probably one of the most useful tools that are used today in tandem with Canon printers and scanners. This is a multimedia tool that allows users to quickly scan photos as well as documents. It is the perfect image management tool for those working with the Canon brand of products. Can IJ scan Utility be extremely user-friendly and easy to use? This product also assists in the successful configuration of the Canon printer and scanner. 


The Canon IJ Scan Utility will also assist in managing the network connectivity of your devices. This is another one of its added advantages.

How Canon IJ Scan Utility Works?

The main functionality of the  IJ scan utility download is that it connects with your Canon printer and scans documents and images with one click. That’s right, with just one click. Remember the days when scanning a document and uploading it to your computer felt like rocket science? Well, this tool brings refreshing ease to the whole process which was a long-standing need in this product segment. 

The Canon IJ Scan Utility is a customizable application. Users can change their settings based on their own unique requirements. And also, this software lets you stitch together multiple files. Now, it must be noted that this app does not work with all Canon devices. In some cases, the Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite version is required. This app is also contingent upon correct device drivers being installed.

What a user can do with Canon IJ Scan Utility ?

This utility tool can help the users to scan the files and pictures as per their need.  To scan the documents, click on the photo and file icon and use the open according to your need. Scanner Utility in  Canon save the scanned images automatically to the folder. And, if a user wants he can make to the folder as per his need.


System Requirements for Canon IJ Scan Utility Download

Luckily, in order to download the canon IJ scan utility, there are not too many specifications that a system needs to have. The tool works perfectly fine with all versions of Windows OS. There are regular updates of this software that can be downloaded from their official website that further help with any compatibility issues that may arise. 

The same can be said for Mac devices. The IJ scan utility works fine with almost every version of Mac OS, especially the latest ones. Just like with Windows, there are regular updates for Mac users too. You can easily install them for the continued smooth functioning of this app on your Mac device.

IJ Scan Utility Download Procedure for Windows PC

Before starting the process of downloading and installing the  scan utility for your Windows PC, make sure you are aware of some facts. You need to have your Canon printer or scanner’s model number handy. You also need to be aware of your own system and its specifications. 

Below are the steps you can follow to download the Canon IJ scan utility for Windows:

  • Visit canon’s official support page
  • Search for the model of your device and then select it from the menu
  • You can also select a product category if that seems easier to you
  • Then, select drivers as well as your device’s operating system
  • Find the MP driver and click on the download button
  • Once the file gets downloaded, double-click on it to start its installation procedure
  • Follow all the instructions to successfully install the program

How to Run Canon IJ Scan Utility on Windows

If you are using a windows 10 OS, follow the following steps:

  • Access the Start Menu
  • Then, go to All Apps
  • Go to canon utilities and then IJ scan utility
  • If the above steps do not work, you can also search for the IJ scan utility in the search bar

If you are a Windows 8 OS user, then follow these steps to run the IJ scan utility:

  • Select the IJ Scan Utility option on the start screen
  • If it cannot be found on the start screen then select the search charm and manually search for the IJ scan utility

Windows 7, Vista, and XP users can follow these steps to run the utility app: 

  • Launch the Start Menu
  • Select All Programs
  • Select Canon utilities
  • Then, choose the IJ Scan utility, and then the IJ Scan utility again

Canon IJ Scan Utility Download Procedure for Mac OS

If you own a Mac computer, then these below steps can be used to download the IJ scan utility.

  • Go to canon’s official support page
  • Type the model name of your printer/scanner in the search box
  • Select your model from the list
  • Alternatively, you can also choose a product category and take it from there
  • On the next screen select “software”. Also, ensure that your OS version is present in the drop-down menu
  • From the software option, select IJ scan utility or IJ scan utility lite for your device
  • Then, click on the download
  • Once the file gets downloaded onto your device, double-click on it to install. 
  • Afterwards, follow the easy instructions to fulfill the installation. 

Running the Canon IJ Scan Utility on Mac

Running the IJ scan utility on your Mac is rather simple and easy. 

  • Go to finder
  • Then go to the Applications folder
  • Open the Canon Utility Folder
  • Next, click on the IJ scan folder
  • Double click on Ij scan utility or IJ scan utility lite or whichever version you have installed to run it.  

Benefits of Using Canon IJ Scan Utility on Your Computer

As mentioned before, the IJ scan software is really a user-friendly tool for people who need to scan and share images/documents with a single click. Below are a few added advantages that users get from it.

1 . Scan Files of Any Format

The IJ scan allows you to scan documents regardless of which format they are in. It makes scanning very easy and convenient. Since there are compatibility concerns and no need to change document format, there is less waste of time.

2 . Integration with Other Apps

Another handy feature of the IJ scan utility is that it allows you to integrate the scanned documents with other third-party applications. You as a user can choose your preference as to which app you want to display your document in.
 Also, there is seamless integration with email. You can quickly attach the scanned files to an email message and share it with anyone in a few clicks.

3 . Customize Settings

 You can scan documents or photos as per your needs. Whether you have to adjust the brightness or sharpen any text in the document, you can do so with maximum ease. Improving the readability of any text-based document is also very easy. 

4 . Helpful Search Bar 

The handy search bar in the tool makes it easier to manage. Performing various functions is also easier with this search bar. You can conveniently manage several printer and scanner-related functions using this bar.

Wrapping Up

Canon’s IJ Scan Utility is a feature packed tool for people who want to multitask and have no time to waste. Whether you use it on a Windows PC or a Mac computer, it works flawlessly. So, if you are already a Canon printer/scanner user, you do not need to think twice before you download Canon IJ scan utility.