Brother Printer Wireless Setup Wizard

In this era of Wireless technology, you can print documents wirelessly by using radio frequency waves. Print your pictures, documents, or any other printable material from your desktop or laptop without using a wire. In the race for Wireless Printers, Brother printers are considered to be the best. But, before you print anything you need to follow Brother Printer Wireless Setup Wizard for your printer setup. This will help you in a printer server configuration.

So, if you want to enhance your printing experience and enjoy wireless printing, follow Brother Printer Wireless Setup Wizard and complete the setup process.

The procedure of Brother Wireless Printer Setup is quite simple and, you need to follow some simple instructions and you will be able to set up the Brother Printer without any hassle. Here are the easy guidelines following which you can connect brother printer to a wireless network:

Wireless Setup Instructions


Follow the given instructions to connect the printer to network:

  • First of all, you need to connect a power code to the Brother printer. After that, insert the cord into the socket and turn on the button to provide power supply.
  • Press Printer’s power key.
  • Click the ‘Menu’ button present on the keypad of your Brother Printer.
  • Use Up and Down keys for navigation and select the ‘Network’ option.
  • Click the ‘Ok’ button.
  • Move  the Up and Down Keys for navigation and opt ‘WLAN’. Press the ‘Ok’ key.
  • When WLAN is enabled, press ‘Yes’! You will see a popup on your LCD screen of the printer indicating to switch on the WIFI network.
  • All the wireless networks available will appear on the screen. Use the navigation keys and select your network.
  • If necessary then enter the passcode.
  • You have completed your Brother Printer Wireless Setup successfully and you are all set to print the documents using the Brother wireless printer.
  • Important-  The user interface and menu options may vary in different Brother Printer models, but the process will remain the same.

Now, you can easily connect your smartphone devices to your Brother Wireless Printer and print the documents wirelessly. But for this, you must have a Brother printer install software. For the computers and laptops, the CD comes along with Brother Printer.

A user can also download it from the internet. Smartphones and Tablet users need to download the software from the app store. So, complete the Brother Printer Wireless Setup, connect your devices and start printing wirelessly.

In case you still face issues, you can contact our printer experts to assist you.