Brother printers are renowned for being dependable and effective. Brother offers a variety of printers with a focus on quality and innovation to satisfy the various demands of people and companies. These printers consistently produce outstanding results, whether you require crisp, clear copies for documents or vivid color prints for images. However, they encounter trouble which may frustrate you. One of the common issues that brother printers experience is Brother printer paper jam error. 

The blog will guide you on how you can remove brother printer paper jam errors with no paper jammed. Thus, read the blog to get all the details and resolve this error with your brother’s printer. 

What is the Brother Printer Paper Jam Error?

The brother printer paper jam error can cause internal damage, and the use of the incorrect printing paper can result in the Brother Printer paper jam error even though there is no paper jammed. However, other factors contributing to this paper jam issue in Brother printers include improper paper loading, malfunctioning printer rollers, and subpar ink cartridges. Attempting to remove the stuck paper from the outside is one technique to resolve the paper jam error with a Brother printer. 

Similarly, you can also look inside the printer for any remaining fragments of the jammed paper. You will understand the causes of the brother printer paper jam error after reading this blog because we will brief you on some of those reasons.

The Reason are given below for your Brother Printer Paper Jam Error:

1. Using the Wrong Sort of Paper for Printing:

Your Brother printer is set up to print only on a specific size and kind of paper. The paper jam error will be caused by using the incorrect type of paper. Therefore, you should always verify your Brother printer’s manual to be sure the type of paper you are using is the right one.

2. Using printing paper of inferior quality:

Using printing paper of subpar quality can undoubtedly contribute to this problem. Additionally, it will have an impact on the printed document’s quality. This is why it would be wise to use high-quality printing paper. 

3. Overloading paper in the output tray:

The overloading of paper will result in stuck papers. The rollers of your printer pick the paper and cannot print; that is why you should never overload your input tray.


4. Not Using high-quality ink cartridges:

The Brother printer paper jam issue could be brought on by the use of low-quality ink cartridges. Your documents’ printing quality can potentially suffer as a result. Your printer may become damaged if you keep using such a low-quality ink cartridge.

5. Printer roller damaged:

The rollers in your printer are a crucial part of the printing process and may become damaged. The printer rollers’ deterioration may be the result of their extended use. This could cause the printer to become damaged and cause a paper jam in Brother printers.

Troubleshoot Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

Dealing with a Brother printer’s persistent paper jam error, despite no actual paper jam, can be a perplexing and frustrating issue that requires thorough troubleshooting.

Below, we will explain how you can resolve a Brother Printer Paper Jam Error with no paper jammed: 

1. Getting Rid of the Paper Jam from Outside:

Restarting your printer will solve the paper jam problem. Your printer needs to be turned off and left unattended for a while. After that, turn on your printer and print a test page to see if the problem has been fixed. 

You can follow the instructions provided below to implement this patch:

  • First turn of your brother’s printer.

  • Then, allow the gadget to cool for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • Now, look around the brother printer for any paper remnants.

  • Then, tap on your device’s “Clear” button.

  • Finally, the Brother printer should now be “On.”

2. Taking Jammed Paper Out of the Toner Cartridge:

The toner cartridge and drum unit can occasionally become jammed with paper. We’ll explain how to free brother printer paper jam errors. 

Access the top cover of your gadget when it is not heating up or running. Search this area carefully for any fragments of the jammer paper. If you find them, take them out slowly. You can replace the cover after removing it using the below steps:

  • First, you can “Turn off” your Brother printer.

  • Now, make sure the printer has adequate time to cool down.

  • Till the printer has cooled down, avoid touching any internal components.

  • Then, take off the device’s top cover.

  • Now, look for paper that has become jammed.

  • The Brother printer’s toner cartridge and drum unit need to be taken out next.

  • Next, if there is any paper stuck inside, carefully remove it.

  • Now, ensure the drum unit or the toner cartridge are not harmed.

  • Carefully and correctly re-assemble the parts.

  • Then, close your Brother printer’s top cover.

  • Finally, to clear the printer’s memory, click the “Clear” button.


Other Methods to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

There are some other methods that will help you with brother printer paper jam errors. Read the below details on how you can do this:

1. Checking the brother printer for jammed papers:

It may be possible that your printer has paper fragments stuck in the printer. By deleting the tabs on the printer’s left and right edges, you can get rid of them. Pull your fuser cover to open it. After that, take the Brother printer’s duplex tray out and make sure all the paper is gone. Reinstall the duplex tray and other components in the proper locations.

  • First, the printer’s front lid should be open.

  • Now, give the machine 10 minutes to rest.

  • Remove the toner cartridge and drum unit.

  • Now, look for paper that is stuck.

  • Then, you have to remove the printer’s paper tray.

  • Thereafter, gently remove the device’s back cover.

  • Remove the tabs that are located on the printer’s right and left sides.

  • Then, take off the Brother printer’s duplex tray.

  • On it, you’ll discover bits of paper. Carefully and delicately clean the tray.

  • Now, reposition the duplex tray in its original location.

  • Put the paper tray back where it belongs.

  • If you removed any other components, be sure to properly reinstall them.

2. Verify that paper is installed properly in the paper tray:

There may be possible that there is wrong paper installation into the paper tray. To resolve brother printer paper jam errors:

  • Start by taking the printer’s tray out.

  • Now, slide open the tray lid.

  • After that, remove any residual paper from the paper tray if there is any.

  • Now, the “Paper Side Guides” that are situated on either side of the tray can be used to adjust the paper to a maximum width.

  • The indicator mark for the paper size should line up with the pointer on the “Paper Length Guide.”

  • Now, paper jams can be prevented by correctly stacking the paper.

  • Then, verify that the printing side is on the bottom.

  • Keep the paper tray cover closed.

  • Now, make sure the printer’s paper tray is correctly inserted.

  • Print the print quality check sheet and execute a print job.


The blog has several methods that will help you with the brother printer paper jam error problem. In case you encounter a problem while setting your jammed paper error, we are just a call away from you. You can immediately call, email, or chat with us. Get your queries resolved today with the help of our experts. 


If your printer is printing blank pages, take a look at these fixes:

  • Verify that the ink or toner levels are not empty or low.
  • Now, verify that the tray contains the proper type and size of paper.
  • Carry out a print head or nozzle inspection to find and fix any blocked nozzles or printhead problems.
  • Then, check that your print job’s print settings, such as color and page layout, are specified appropriately.
  • When necessary, update or reinstall the printer drivers and software.

The main procedures to restore your printer’s default settings are as follows:

  • Use the control panel’s menu or settings to access your printer.
  • Now, select “Reset” or “Factory Reset” from the menu.
  • Then, the printer will revert to its factory default settings if you choose option c and confirm the process.
  • Now, comply with any on-screen instructions or prompts that your particular printer model provides.

Try these methods if your printer keeps giving you the “no paper” problem message:

  • First, ensure the paper tray is loaded properly and has enough paper.
  • Now, inspect the paper path for any paper jams or obstructions and clear them out.
  • Verify that the paper guides in the tray are lined up properly with the stack of papers.
  • Now, to enhance paper pickup, wipe the paper feed rollers with a lint-free cloth.
  • After confirming the aforementioned actions, restart the printer.

Try these methods if your Brother printer keeps saying “out of paper” even when there is paper loaded:

  • First, ascertain that the paper is properly loaded into the paper tray and that the tray is adequately sized for the paper.
  • Now, inspect the paper path for any paper jams or impediments and clear them out.
  • Again, verify that the paper guides in the tray are firmly affixed to the stack of papers.
  • To guarantee proper paper pickup, clean the paper feed rollers using a lint-free cloth.
  • Reset the printer by switching it off, taking the plug out, and turning it back on.

The steps below can be used to fix a paper jam error on the majority of Brother printers:

  • Unplug the printer from the power source and turn it off.
  • Carefully unlock all entryways and clear any paper jams.
  • Gently close each door and make sure you secure each of the doors tightly.
  • Reconnect the printer to the power supply and switch it on.
  • The printer should resume normal operation after resetting the paper jam error.