Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

Brother Printer Shares a close relationship with the printing paper as to print the documents, the printer requires a paper. While using the printer, people often encounter Brother printer paper jam errors with no paper jammed. Not only the case of Brother printer, but this error is also common with the other printing devices. If you encounter the same problem, there is no need to panic as this issue can be solved with the help of simple troubleshooting guidelines. So, if your printing tasks are compromising due to Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed, read this guide carefully and find the most reliable solution to your problem.

If you understand the problem, only then you can find the most reliable 

brother-printer-paper-jam-error-with-no-aper-jammedsolution to that issue. Brother printer says paper jam when there is none because of the following reasons:

Wrong loading of the printing paper

 It is very important to carefully load the paper. The paper ream must be placed properly in the input tray to print the quality documents. Any deviation may cause you paper jam issues. Also, the installation of paper in a curved or folded manner create the paper jam problems. 

Roller Damage

 Rollers are a very important part of the printing procedure. Your Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed occurs when the rollers are damaged. This could be due to prolonged use of the roller and excessive wear and tear. 

Using Low Quality or Incompatible Paper

 To ensure the excellent printer performance, you need to use decent, good quality papers. Low-quality sheets often cause paper jam errors by leaving the paper dust.

Use the Inferior Quality Cartridges

Inferior Quality Cartridges also the reason behind paper jam errors in the Brother printer. So make sure that you use the compatible and quality printer cartridges. 

Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed Troubleshooting 

With the help you mentioned troubleshooting solutions, you can fix the Brother Printer Paper Jam errors: 

  • Check and make sure your printer is turned off. This will help you to ensure that a single internal component of your printing device is moving. And, it also helps you to avoid the burning chances. 
  • Carefully keep eye on Paper Support flag. Check if it is open or closed. If it is open. Close it now and if it is closed proceed with the next step. 
  • Pull out the printing paper tray and remove the Green Levers in its interior. This can help you to find and remove the paper bits responsible for Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed error. 
  • Check the jam and clear the flap present on your printer’s rear side. 
  • Find out the paper scrap causing brother printer says paper jam when there is none and carefully pull it out. You have to check and make sure that no paper is left in the printer’s interior. After that, proceed to the next step. 
  • Now, place the Jam clear flap in its right location and then close it. 
  • Now, you need to lift the scanner cover to open it. Move the print head and take out all the papers from the print hear. Close the scanner and place the levers back to their real position.
  • Hold the tray and pull-out paper support. If you can hear the clicking sound, the paper has been set in the input tray properly. 
  • Connect the power chord to the power outlet, and check if the problem is fixed or not. 

Hopefully, these troubleshooting guidelines will help you to fix Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed issue in your printing device. If this problem is still not resolved, we recommend you to contact the experts and seek their assistance to troubleshoot the concern.