Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridge

Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridgeIf your Brother Printer Not Recognizing New Toner Cartridge, then you need to troubleshoot the problem to continue with the smooth printing experience. This problem is common to occur in the Brother printer, but fortunately, there are steps that can help to fix the issues. There could be a number of possible reasons behind the occurrence of the error like you may have placed the incompatible ink cartridge. So, if you want to know how to troubleshoot the Brother Printer Not Recognizing New Toner Cartridge issue, read the post and follow the simple steps to fix the problem. 

What are the signs of Brother printer not recognizing cartridges error occurrence:

There could be an instance in which your Brother printer may not recognize the toner cartridge, and you will see the following error message  on the printer state:

  • Warning lights visibility on Brother printer, 
  • The printer is showing ‘Cartridges Locked’ or ‘Cartridge Protection enabled’  message.
  •  Printer displaying the message saying that is not compatible.
  •  Vacant or no level ink in the toner. 
  •  Error message appearing and saying that the printer cartridge not detected or no cartridge installed.

Possible reasons behind the Brother printer not recognizing cartridges Error

  • Dirty or damaged contacts not allowing to read the chip data.
  • Users have not removed the protective strips.
  • Ink cartridges not properly placed.

Troubleshooting steps for Brother printer not recognizing cartridges

  • Pull the cartridge cover and then pull the lock.
  • Now free the Lever down and after that, you need to remove the cartridge against color that the LCD screen showing.
  • Now,  you need to install the cartridge again and pull each lock-free lever.  You need to pull it until it clicks, later you can close a cover.
  • The LCD screen may show ” have you changed? yes/no’ option.

LCD will show this question for the colors modified.  Make sure that you tap on the yes option to accept the up/down arrow key or to use the ‘Dial Pad’.   If you do not tap on the yes option for exchanged cartridges, then the ink will appear empty again. Your device will go through the cleaning process after you make the right choices.

If your LCD screen is showing the ‘No Cartridge’  message, then there is a probability that the ink cartridge you have exchanged is empty.  You can proceed with the steps below to test the volume of ink.  If you find any empty ink cartridge then you need to replace it with the new one.

  • Tap on the ‘Ink Management’ option.

Important:  In case you are unable to find the ink management key on your Brother printer control panel, click on the ‘menu’ option. Later, scroll the up and down arrow key to select the ink management option.  After that, hit the ok button.

  • Scroll using the Up and Down arrow key to select the ‘Ink Volume’ option.
  • Hit the Ok button.  The screen will display you the volume of ink.
  • Scroll up and down and select the color you would like to test.
  • Hit the ‘Exit’ or ‘Stop’ button.

We hope that after following the simple steps you would be able to fix the Brother printer not recognizing new toner cartridge on your device.  In case the problem still exists, do not hesitate to connect with Brother printer experts and take professional advice to figure out the best possible solution to your problem. The expert team is available around the clock so you can contact them anytime you want.