Brother HL2270dw Toner Reset

Have you purchased a new Brother HL-2270dw printer? Are you facing issues with your brother’s printer? Are you facing a problem in which the toner light turns on and prevents you from carrying out the printing operation? You may also get an error message such as “toner low” or “toner empty” on your screen. If you are still facing the issues even after replacing the toner then the other step that you need to perform is Brother HL2270dw Toner Reset.


Thinking about how to reset the toner on Brother Hl2270dw then you don’t need to worry! Here, in this article, you will learn the simple steps to reset the toner of your Brother HL-2270dw printer. Check out the simple steps to reset the toner.

How to Reset Toner ?

With the below-mentioned guidelines, you can easily resolve the issues with the toner of your brother printer. You can easily perform Brother HL2270dw Toner Reset operation if you see a low toner override issue on your screen. Just follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

1: The first step is to open the front cover of your Brother HL-2270dw printer.

 2: After that, turn off your printer and then press the Go button when your printer is switched on.

3: Release the go button when you will see that the LED power light starts blinking.

4: Next, click on the Go button two times one after the other.

5: Now, you have to wait for some time until the LED light turns on.

6: In the next step, press the Go button and then the Start button five times one after another.

7: The toner light will turn off and the paper light starts blinking. 

8: Thereafter, close the front panel of your Brother HL-2270dw printer.

9: If you see that the LED light is blinking on your printer then it means that it is ready to use. 

10: At last, reboot your system and then send the command to start printing. 

Steps for Toner Reset on Brother Monochrome Printer

Go through the below instructions for Brother HL-2270dw toner reset on brother monochrome printer:

  1. Lift the front cover of your printer and keep it open for some time until you perform toner reset.
  2. Switch off your brother printer.
  3. Press and hold the Go or Start button during switching on your printer. You will see that the panel light will turn to “on” state. Release the button.
  4.  Again, press the go and start button twice and you will see that all the panel lights will be turned on. 
  5. In the next step, press the go and then start button five times. The toner light should be turned off. You will see that the error may be flashing on the screen. The paper light should be blinking.
  6.  At last, close the cover. The ready light should only be blinking. 

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